20 Best Christmas Gifts for Boys 2019

20 Best Christmas Gifts for Boys 2019

Parents of teenage boys are likely to spend more on Christmas gifts because of the obvious reason that teenagers like to be spoiled. Being a parent to a teenager, the biggest challenge is to find a Christmas gift for them. Almost every time, it’s difficult to please them.

There is no need to spend a fortune to see that toothy grin on your teenager’s face. But there is no need to worry. Here is a list of fail-proof Christmas gifts that your teen boys will absolutely love. The list is thoughtfully created by keeping the choices, preferences and budget in mind.

Anti-theft backpack

XD Design Bobby XL 17" Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack with USB port (Unisex bag)

A cool gift for a cool looking teen boy. The bag is another way to make your kids feel even cooler. Designed with protective layers and cut proof protection board, the anti-theft bag has hidden zippers and hidden pockets. Also, the bag comes with an integrated USB charging port, which we are sure that teen boys would absolutely find useful. Available in various colour options, the smart looks of this bag are ideal to help your teenager keep his belongings and laptop safe from pickpockets.

Wireless touch speaker

Comes with a classic design of pure wood, the wireless speaker is what most teenagers love to own. This Christmas get your teenage boy a reason to smile by gifting him the wonderful technology that amplifies the sound of any device which has external speakers. There won’t be any hassle of docks, wires or even Bluetooth connection. Simply, place the phone on the speaker and enjoy the amazing sound on the go. The high-quality sound of this wireless speaker is ideal for your kids’ indoor parties and he can also take the cool device when he goes out for camping, hiking, or picnic with friends.

Night time outdoor game

Teenagers will put in efforts to make their day to day life more adventurous. Their quest for exciting activities can be satisfied after playing the nighttime outdoor game with their friends. The amazing game has a special design for young players who want to skip TV and computers and just want to go out at night for some thrilling adventure. Get your teen boys outside with this easy to set up and fast to learn game that comes with 32 LED game pieces.

3D wooden puzzle of mechanical safe

Specially designed for teens, the puzzle would be the favourite Christmas gift of geeky boys who like to do something challenging every now and then. Making the safe is a bit challenging and it may take a few hours, but if you think your child would love to accept the challenge then go for it. The puzzle allows having them their own mechanical safe that they have made after hours of hard work. The puzzle comes with 179 pieces which render medium level difficulty to make a 3D safe. Further, it requires a great attention while assembling the puzzle pieces, so you can make your teen’s Christmas very special this year.

Star wars bathrobe

Star Wars Darth Vader Uniform Fleece Bathrobe, Black, One size

Pretty much every teen that we know, love Star Wars. If your teen boy is also a great fan of the characters of Star Wars, then gift him a bathrobe to actually feel the character. A vast variety of design options are available for Star Wars bathrobes that are actually the uniforms of different characters in the film. For instance, the amazing quality hooded bathrobes are available in the designs of the Star Wars costumes of Darth Vader, Jedi, Chewbacca, Boba Fett and more. A soft and warm fleece hooded robe that is originally licensed by Hotel Quality Disney Star Wars.

Photography idea cards

Photography Idea Cards -- Original Deck

A perfect Christmas gift for your budding teen photographer would be the idea cards that feature 72 unique themes and challenges. Also, each idea card has a hashtag, so that your son can share the picture made by him on social media. Sharing on social networks lets him gather applause from around the world and see what others did for the same theme or challenge. The idea cards can be a great teaching tool for your budding photographer, so buy the creative and challenging gift for your teen boy this Christmas.

Secret decoder ring

The secret decoder ring series is very popular among teens. The ring comes with a spinning top band that allows the secret window to reveal a special letter for each of the alphabets on the bottom band. The stainless steel ring is very cool it looks too. Besides, it is created by Retroworks and comes in the original collector box.

Camera lens coffee mug with USB drive

We know it is a difficult task to make your teen happy. But don’t get scared and buy a coffee mug in the shape of a camera lens. The cool looking mug is an exact replica of the Canon EF 24-105mm lens. Also, the stainless steel mug comes with a 16gb USB flash drive housed in a camera shaped thumb along with a handy keychain. Perfect conversation starter for your teen boy, a great gift set.

Ticket keepsake book

Your teen boy loves to go to concerts and events that he wants to cherish for lifelong. This year, get him a ticket stub diary on Christmas so that he can preserve tickets from his favourite concerts, shows and sports events. The book can hold 100 tickets and there is a space dedicated to writing reviews or thoughts about the event. The book comes with elegant gold foil stamping that looks neat and definitely makes your teen feel grown up about their choices.

Personal planetarium

A wonderful Christmas gift for teens who love to study about astronomy and space. Gift them their personal planetarium this year on Christmas. The cool device lets your son identify celestial objects with the click of a button. Loaded with GPS technology, the personal planetarium is a handheld device that is capable to locate over 6,000 stars, planets and constellations. Apart from the point and click convenience to study about a star, the amazing device has tonnes of features to love it. For instance, built-in field guide, SD card slot, USB port, comet guide and more.

Baseball and football wooden bookends

Baseball and Football Wooden Bookends, Sports Themed - Custom Designed

A great gift for your teen boy’s cave; the two bookends are custom designed and is available in the sports theme. Made from pine, the bookends are handcrafted. It features custom created papers and decoupage process, the bookends can be made as per the choices and preferences of your teen son. The finely finished bookends would be a great addition to a teenager’s room this Christmas.


Teens are much into tech gifts than the adults. That’s why; a Smartwatch would be a fail-proof gift for your teen boy. Available in international version and US version of the design, the Smartwatch can send and receive texts, calendar notifications and more. It comes with a rotating bezel, and the circular design is what most teens love about it. The stylish watch comes with interchangeable bands and becomes the coolest style statement for teens.

Ultimate prehistoric taco holder

An ideal gift for kidults who love dinosaurs. The prehistoric taco stand is a great gift idea. It is modelled after Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur, and it can hold tacos, toasts, waffles and sandwiches. The fun and cheerful gift come with the assurance of high-quality design, food-safe ABS quality.

Guitar pick punch kit

Studies confirm that guys who play the guitar are more attractive. If that’s the reason why your teen guy thinks that he is wired to become a band guy. Then get him a guitar pick punch kit this Christmas. A unique and functional gift for guitar players. This kit comes with a pick punch, 15 attractive pick strips, a leather pick holder key chain and a cool looking guitar file. Let your child create a uniform and smooth guitar picks on his own.

Phone photography kit

If you can’t afford expensive camera gear. But still, if you want to gift your teen something cool for his passion for photography.  Get them a fun filled, compact and super useful photography kit that makes their phone cameras even better. The kit comes with 4 in 1 18X Telephoto Monocular Lens with eyecup. Apart from the removable clip-on lens, the kit features flexible phone tripod, remote shutter, fisheye, macro and wide angle lens and a cloth to wipe the lens; all these amazing things will come in this functional photography kit.

Microwave popcorn popper

Get them a smart Christmas gift to quickly make healthy popcorns for their “Netflix and chill” sessions. The indigenously designed kettle shape is best to pop more popcorn without burning them. The popper comes with an easy to lift silicon lid. This will melt the butter. Available in a wide number of teens’ favourite colours.

Good vibes hooks

No need to spend billions of dollars to send some good vibes to your teens this festive season. Get them the handy hooks that come with a peace sign, a rad sign and a thumbs up sign to send great vibes this Christmas. The metal wire shapes are cool looking and must compliment the décor elements in your teens’ room. The hooks can hold up to 10 pounds of weight and can easily be ordered online

Night trek shoe lights

Teens who love to do running, walking, camping, hiking, fishing and trekking at the nighttime would definitely love these shoe lights. Be it extreme heat, heavy rain or snow the shoe lights work great in every condition. This would be a great addition to your teen’s adventure kit. The LED lights provide 360 degrees of visibility. With its one forward facing beam light and a 2 back facing safety lights, the view is just superb.

Retro arcade machine

Featuring the best Data East hits of all times like Bad Dudes, Karate Champ, B-Wings and more. This retro arcade machine is simply perfect for the game room of your teenage boy. There are 34 built-in games in the machine and it comes with a built-in speaker. The 3.5mm headphone jack to enhance the gaming experience. Great gift for a retro fan, the teens will love to own a mini arcade.

HD flying camera

Teenage boys would absolutely fall in love with this portable flying camera. This will allow your child to take an endless photo of life from the sky. With help of this cool device, you can take photos from your smartphone from a height of 20 meters. For wide, truly original and 12 MP quality photos, get this incredibly lightweight flying camera.

Terrific gifts don’t cost a fortune. To find the gift that appeals the most and rest assured; you will definitely get to see a smile on your teen’s face this Christmas season.