20 Best Birthday Gifts For Friends

20 Best Birthday Gifts For Friends

In your lifetime you will come across different people and form relationship with them but friends are the ones who will remain through your lifetime. They are the biggest source of love, support, and care in your life. So an occasion so special as birthday of your friend requires you to make them feel special. Now everyone faces the dilemma of getting your friend the most memorable gift. Therefore, we have a list of 20 best gifts which can put a huge smile on your friends face.

Barnett’s fine biscotti

The box of flavored cookies is the best gift to start your relationship with happiness. The beautiful presentable box comes with twelve chocolate-covered sandwich cookies. While sending this box as a gift to your friend or relative, you can choose to gift a card along with this or even can also opt for gift wrapping. This option is available in the checkout process prior to complete the purchasing process. Before completing your purchasing you can indicate this as a gift and can do the necessities to send it directly to your friend’s house with a note or card.

White ceramic soy serenity scented candle

Celebrate your friend’s birthday with the fragrance of love and trust. With this scented candle show your friend how much you care for him or her. And capture some moments creating a remembrance for a whole life. The best thing is that it is made with soy wax and lead-free wick. This ceramic candle provides an outstanding view to your bathrooms, rooms, desk or living room. The elegant and shiny look of this candle matches perfectly with your interior. It comes with a text embossed over the ceramic that says: ‘I always wished for a friend like you’. With the flow of scent in the air, let your friend remember you and your love.

Willow tree hand-painted sculpted figure

Someone has said it beautifully as ‘Good friends are like stars. You may not always see them but you know that they are always there for you’. A best friend is like a family member who always supports and encourages you whenever you feel down. Gift your friend a symbol of bond, love, and emotion between both of you with this precisely crafted figure of two friends or loved ones. After carving the figures, the sculptures are painted with hands. A lead-free paint is used to provide you a durable and moisture-resistant product.

Bed side lamp

With the combination of technology, gift your friend this beautiful long-lasting energy saver lamp. It is featured with adjustable brightness control, speaker, FM, call hands free function, touch screen, memory card reader, wireless Bluetooth, color changing and DIY alarm clock. Enjoy the moment with your partner creating a dim light romantic atmosphere, have a comfortable sleep in the night & wake up early in the morning with a sweet musical alarm tone, create perfect room decor and do all your daily activities with this multi-functional device. This LED lamp is a gift for everyone. No worries if you forget to charge your phone or set an alarm, this one-in-all device will do anything for you! Apart from all these functions, this multi-purpose device possesses 7 color-changing modes with three dimming levels and sweet music.

Rainbow vision sand picture by Klaus Bosch

This mesmerizing piece of art is a gift for all. Just put the picture on your desk or table and see the magic of ever-changing colors of the sand. The sand itself changes the vision giving a unique effect. It seems as if the natural movement of air, water, and sand has been captured in a single picture with all motions and effects. The moving picture comes with all the necessary hardware to allow you to enhance your wall decoration.

The falling sand gives the effect of northern lights making valley, dunes, and mountains. This sand picture is a perfect combination of all three elements: the sand tries to settle down at the bottom, air blows at the top and the water just mingles with both. The picture depicts changing phases of natural earth creating spellbinding effects.

Amber glass hanging Moroccan candle lantern

This Moroccan style lantern is inspired by middle-eastern, European and African cultures. The colorful stained glass Moroccan lantern has now become a popular choice among fashion followers due to its affordable price and unique work of art. The glass of lantern is embedded with unique designs sparkling the light in different shades. It’s a beautiful accessory adding lighting features around the home or in the garden area that is a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and more. It can accommodate tea-light or votive size candles and comes with a hook for hanging.

Women’s faux fur collar for winter coat

Dikoaina Extra Large Women's Faux Fur Collar for Winter Coat (100cm, Raccoon)

Our family members can’t be with us everywhere so friends exist. They support us, believe us and be with us in any case or situation. It is often said that friends are a reflection of one’s own personality. And friendship between two girls is very special because it is the most practical one. They advise, strengthen and be real for each other in hard situations. On her birthday, gift her a warm furry collar with the warmth of love, affection and never-changing friendly bond. Make her feel sensational whenever she wear this soft, fluffy or furry collar. Be a reason for her to smile whenever she put this elegant collar on her shoulder and be a part of her fashion stigma!

Happy birthday gift candle

Are you tired of searching for ideas for gifting a unique thing on your friend’s birthday? Then this one is perfectly made for you. Gift this environmentally friendly candle to your friend and delight him or her with the aroma of its unique fragrance. It is made of soy wax ensuring clean and slow-burning. The container in which it comes with is purely recyclable. After the wax has vanished, the container can be used to put certain things. You can also add your personalized gift card with this order. Featured with high fragrance content of linen scent, let this candle deliver your feelings of love for your friend!

Essential oil diffuser bracelet

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet,Stainless Steel Aromatherapy Locket Bracelets Leather Band with 8 Color Pads,Girl Women Jewelry Gifts for Mom

An essential oil diffuser makes an ideal gift for everyone. With this fashionable and colorful diffuser, wish your friend to walk calmly on the path of success. One can add few drops of essential oil on this bracelet to create brilliant mood and surroundings. Inside the bracelet there is a aromatherapy pad. One has to add few drops on this aromatherapy pad to enjoy the fragrance. The pads are completely reusable and can be washed. The only thing you needed to take care is to dry it before use.

Spa bath bomb birthday theme gift basket

What can be more exciting than having a box of bathing bombs and beauty products on a birthday! This spa basket is a bunch of happiness, especially for ladies. It includes four large organic bathing bombs, one soft loofah sponge, one terry cloth spa headband, a DW Home Birthday Cake scented 5oz. candle, Project 7 Cupcake Bites gum, 1 Cake Beauty hand lotion and 1 box of Jelly Belly Champagne Bubble candy. Everything is packed securely in a basket with personalized message card.

Pendant chain necklace

Winter's Secret Austrian Crystal Dancing Heart Blue Pendant Flower Silver Chain Necklace

This mesmerizing heart-shaped crystal is a gift forever! You can wear this with your casuals or party wears. There is a colored crystal which is attached with a shiny silver flower inside which there is a separate crystal of the same color. Such a beautiful gift is worth giving to someone special. It is made of quality material to give you a luxurious look in your personality. The pendant comes with a chain length of 17.72” that is perfect to wear on any occasion.

Happy birthday cake popup greeting card

Simply wishing someone ‘happy birthday’ with a plain card has now become an outdated custom. People love to have changed with the changing years. Make this birthday an excited one for your friend by gifting a popup gifting card. You can customize your wishes you want to express or want to be there on the card. The package comes with an envelope, card and OPP bag. This one is perfect for those who are into long-distance friendship relations.

Greeting card and necklace gift

The delivery package consists of a greeting card, a necklace, an envelope, and a sealing sticker. The beautiful black satin velvet bag contains the necklace. There is a silver plating of 15 × 17 mm in measurement on the pendant. There is a platinum plating on the chain of 18 inches plus a 2-inch extension. It has a matte cover which gives a premium look to the card. The card also ational message quoted in elegant style inside the card. The message is depicted in a way that shows how/what a person sees the best things in his/her friend’s personality.

Custom watch with personalized photo

Custom Watches with Photo for Men, Personalized Fathers Gift for Husband or Dad, Leather Band

A watch symbolizes an individual’s prestige. It depicts and also enhances one’s fashion and style statement. No matter what the occasion is, watches are an all-time gift. Above all this, you can also customize it by adding your captured moments as a background wallpaper. The watch comes with a leather band, polished & scratch-free front glass and water-resistant capacity up to 30 meters. Now go ahead and get the best of the lot watch for your friend!

Birthday party decoration material

It is said to be the best part of life as you turn 21, because it remarks your initial adulthood stage. Just after turning 21, you can do things on your own. And you become legally capable of doing the things that mostly or usually adults do. So, making this day a special one becomes more excited than any other birthday. To celebrate your friend’s 21st birthday party, order the decorative material for her to make it unforgettable for her.

Starfish key ring chain set

The keychain comes with a greeting card.. There is elegant wrapping with satin inside the soft jewelry box. And the greeting card comes with a message depicting an inspirational story. The story moralizes how a person can make a difference just by single step in his life. Since birthdays are the beginning of new phase of life, guidance is always needed to prepare a person for next phase. This birthday card is made for the same purpose. With this starfish key ring chain gift set, give your friend emotional support of yours which can mark a remarkable change of his/her life!

Customized T-shirts

Custom T Shirts Add Your Text Personalized Design Your own Tshirt Printed Customized Tshirts Birthday Items tee Men & Women Cotton Customize T Shirt - Black Large

T-shirts are one of the best clothes for comfort and style. They make an all-time demand for supplies. T-shirts make a good choice as a gift and are suitable for a child, adult or an old aged person. You can customise as per your choice or demand. You can personalize your ordered t-shirt by demanding for a quote or a picture print on it. Gift your friend a soft and cozy t-shirt with your memorable moments spent together.


Inspirational/motivational/LOVE/Memorial/Thankful/Beauty/Praise/Religious/Friendship Meaningful Message Charm Bracelets (2PCS-I'll take care of her always-Thanks for raising the man of my dreams)

When it is about friends, bracelets symbolize the gesture of friendship. Therefore, it not only enhance one’s personality but also remarks an endless relation of friendship.  For a friend, it’s a band of trust, togetherness and lifelong support. In addition, if given with a message embossed on the bracelet, it doubles the trust from both sides leaving behind no doubt about the relationship.


It is believed that perfumes reduces stress and creates a mental balance for the person. They nurture one’s personality. It is believed that ingredients of perfume and the choice of it can tell a lot about his/her persona. Therefore, gifting a perfume is a symbol of adding to one’s mental stability or personality.

Customized coffee/tea mug

Everyone likes to have a cup of coffee or tea in the morning. With this personalized mug, gift your best friend a reason to smile every morning. It will not cherish your friend but will create positive vibes making him/her spend the day with enthusiasm.