20 Best Fun Gifts For Cool Moms

20 Best Fun Gifts For Cool Moms

We all love our moms and it’s difficult to let them know that. You don’t have to buy expensive gifts to show your love for her. A flower and a card will do the job. But remember, your mom is not a regular mom; she is a cool person that needs special dedication from your side. She has done a lot for you and gifting can be the best way to show her gratitude.

No matter what is age, everyone loves receiving gifts. It will definitely take time and consideration to pick a fun gift for your cool mom. Get some ideas from the list below and we are sure that your mom will appreciate the gesture.

Reusable tote bag with zodiac constellations

Getting just another regular tote bag is not thoughtful enough. Help your mom look way cooler than she actually is by gifting her bag that comes with zodiac constellations. It’s definitely a cool gift if your mom is an astrology believer. A wide variety of tote bags are available online. The bag can be a lunch bag box with zodiac constellations on it that will make her starry-eyed. The bags can be used for office, picnics, beach, camping, travel, and kayak as well. Your cool mom will love to go out with a unique and stylish print.

Mushroom growing kit of her own

A perfect gift for moms who are kitchen connoisseurs. Moms who love growing vegetables would definitely want to try the kitchen mushroom gardens. Gifting the kit helps her to have a mushroom stash for salads whenever she wants. Besides, growing mushrooms on her own will give a joy that is hard to define. Gift your mom her very own mushroom growing kit to get 2 pounds of fresh and organic mushrooms grown at home.

3-in-1 cooking system

A mother needs to wear many different hats. Out of all roles, cooking is definitely not the easier one. That’s why cool moms often look for hacks to get in and out of the kitchen is a breeze. The 3 in 1 cooking system would be a fun gift for her to experiment with her culinary skills on the weeknight dinners. These cooking systems claim to cook meals within 30 minutes and the varied functions include oven, stovetop, and slow cooking. The digital dial temperature and recipe book are great pluses with the cooking system. Help her cook food on simmer, sauté or sear in just one cooking system. 

Wine tumbler with quotes

A unique and fun gift would be a wine tumbler that is specially designed to match with the personality of cool moms. Mothers that like pool days would surely love this gift. The wine tumblers are made from stainless steel material to keep the wine chilled for 16 hours and other drinks hot for 8 hours. Order one for your mom in a color that suits her cool personality, let’s say minty blue. Besides, the tumblers are spill-resistant and an ideal gift for outdoor activities including camping and bonfires. You can pick the one that suits best to your mom.

Handmade silk scarf with fish prints

vimate silk scarf, 100% Real Silk Neck Scarf for Women with Gift Box package, Square 35"x 35"

If your mom has an outgoing personality and always looks for ways to make the place into the hearts of people she meets, then a handmade silk scarf would be the best gift. Help her appearance look even more special with the beautiful prints on it. A scarf is the easiest way to accessorize any outfit. Additionally, the fun fish prints would definitely brighten up her look.  You can get her a handmade scarf from Italy, but you don’t really have to go to the Italian stores.

Essential oil diffuser

Moms do a lot of efforts to keep the home look warm and welcoming. Cool moms don’t get bummed to make any place smell nicer they simply get the smartest things. Now it’s your turn to return the favor and help her a little in the gigantic task.  Essential oil diffusers are best to purify homes, offices, and gyms. But, we suggest you not buying the cheap fake wood diffusers that spoil the décor settings of the entire place. Rather than gifting the plastic things get her the iron design diffuser, which has a modern rustic feel to it. Perfect for moms who have bad allergies from candles, this diffusers can be ordered.

Nail art set with dried flowers and glitters

For cool and edgy moms, the perfect gift would a nail art set that comes with dried flowers. The real dried flowers will help her have a cool manicure without paying a visit to the salon. Perfect for summer and springs looks, the dried flowers are pretty easy to use. Moms who love getting attention should definitely try these dried flower manicures. The nail art sets can easily be ordered online and no doubt it’s the most thoughtful gift that will help her to bring out the personality wherever she goes. Nail caviars are another trendsetting thing that you can get without giving a second thought.

Random crap cigar box

Blue Q Random Crap Zipper Pouch (QA236)

Handy tin storage boxes are very common gifts for your mom. However, you can get the vintage-inspired tin boxes that literally say that they have “random crap” in it. The boxes are available online and featuring a replica of 1920’s cigar box design. Great for storing collectibles, the box is covered in vintage Chinese packaging art.             

Eye massager

Cool moms don’t just act cool they also look cool. They try their best to fight with the signs of aging and chances are high that your mom is also looking for hacks to stay put and look fresh all the time. Help her fight the fatigue that shows around the eye contours. You can manually give her a massage but that would be tiring for you. Rather, get her the eye massager that comes with T-Sonic technology to reduce the puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Her daily skincare routine will become a little bit fun with a sleek and easy to use eye massager.

Cozy body pillow  

When your mom has come home after a long day, you can relax her let her watch her favorite TV shows with a cool pillow. The much talked about body pillow comes in a variety of shapes. The nursing pillow is designed in such a way that it offers complete comfort. The design cares for the body shape and cradles the entire body to keep it in constant comfort

Casual dress

Delena Designs Women's Long Kaftan Dress Maxi Caftan Dress Gown Top Night Dress Red

Perfect for beaches or pool parties, the poncho is a fun thing to wear. This has been crafted in such a way that it can make your mom comfortable wherever she is, so it is the ideal gift for cool moms who want to look stylish with minimal efforts. The poncho can be used as a swimsuit cover-up or a designer dress to adorn your mom’s look at a pool party.

Garlic Peeler

Yet another innovative and fun gift for moms who want to tackle the troublesome chore of garlic-peeling in the coolest way possible. The garlic peelers are there for the rescue. When a large amount of garlic peeling and chopping needs to be done, no one can stay cool and calm without getting help from a fun little gadget. The first of its kind appliance is designed for garlic peeling, crushing and mixing.

Aquaponic ecosystem

A fish tank that grows plants. Isn’t it cool to get one for your mom too? One of the best gardening gifts that moms would love to have because the mini home ecosystem grows organic microgreens. A water garden is a great gift to experience the magic of growing our own food.

Shower curtains with uplifting quotes

Fun and decorative shower curtains that come with uplifting quotes can help your mom stay away from gloomy attitudes. Your cool mom would definitely love a shower curtain with an impressive quote like “be who you are” or simply “you are my sunshine”. You can buy shower curtains that are made from high-quality Turkish fabric. They offer great designer perspective to the bathrooms.

Periodic table print apron

If your mom loves to watch The Big Bang Theory and a great fan of Sheldon’s periodic table song then look no further. A fun gift would be an apron that comes with a periodic table printed on it. Ideal for cool nerdy moms, the apron is made from high-quality polyester fabric and has colors that won’t fade because of the latest digital printing methods being used. Ideal for cooking, baking and gardening, the apron can be ordered online.

Antimicrobial shower and water sandals

Even the coolest moms are also worried about germs and diseases. Some people have the phobia of germs and others are simply moms. Help her fight with the fear in a cool and stylish way with the fun antimicrobial flip flops that come with drainage hole designs. The holes and antimicrobial layers would protect her feet on the beach and can also be used at camps, steam rooms and pools.

Hair curling tie

Get your mom one of the most fun accessories like hair curling ties to do two tasks at one time. The ties are designed for busy moms who like to keep their tresses look perfect all the time. A fun thing about these ties is that she can get a gorgeous hairdo and also get her the hair curled without doing anything extra.

Lip shit

Don’t go with the name, it is a lip balm in a cute tin. The all-natural ingredients of this lip balm make it an ideal gift for your mom. The fun packaging is what makes it different from others. It comes in a wide variety of flavors like vanilla, pineapple and brown sugar; lip shit is available with a decent price tag.

Natural cork shoulder bag

Corkor Cork Purse Crossbody Women Handbag from Portugal | Vegan Leather Natural Red Color

Get your mom an imported handmade featuring natural cork material and stitching. Cork bags are made by local artisans of Portugal and widely demanded as a guilt-free fashionable choice. The 100% vegan and eco-friendly bag is a great substitute for leather.

100% natural chill pills

Don’t have a budget for fancy things, don’t worry get your cool mom the chill thing ever. The chill pills are actually real peanuts that help people stay cool, calm and relaxed with a daily dose. You can even order the empty jar to have your own chill pills.

All the cool moms in your life deserve a special gift. Consider the options of this carefully curated list before your next purchase.