20 Best Gifts for Alcohol Lovers

20 Best Gifts for Alcohol Lovers

Are you tired of gifting something nice and often searches for ‘a unique gift’? If you are one of those who are bored with the usual trend of exchanging gifts and want to add some spice into your loved one’s life then you are at right place!

Let your friends and closed ones see your sarcastic side with fun novelty gifts for their special occasions. Funny or gag gifts are likely to create an unforgettable memory. Here we brought a list of 20 funny gifts for people who are alcoholic which help you in finding something unconventional and thoughtful.

Funny T-shirt for Wine Drinkers

Who wouldn’t love to have cottony and comfortable t-shirt gifts? But what if that t-shirt speaks about your drinking habits? With such funny t-shirts turn your celebrations into laughter. The shirt says, “I drink wine so I don’t choke people”. It makes a perfect gift for those who are always found with a glass of wine or beer. It’s said that laughter is the best medicine, so keep people busy smiling & laughing when you cross them while hanging out with your friends!

Wine Bottle Glass

What could be more funny and dramatic than revealing your friend’s addiction to alcohol in front of everyone? It’s an attached bottle with a glass of wine. The bottle has a funny quotation printed on it that resembles someone’s need. This set comes with 750ml of a wine bottle – a complete bottle of joy for wine lovers! This narrow neck glass bottle set is suitable for hand wash only. The only thing you need to do is to pour wine into the bottle and have it all in just one serving. It’s only the wine lovers who can feel the pain of getting a glass empty in few seconds and ready for next serving. Those who are tired of making a glass of wine for themselves, this is one of the best gifts for those lazy & fun-loving people.

A bag with hidden space for Wine

When it is about wine lovers, there exist two personalities. Therefore, one who likes to have a few glasses of wine in a day and one who loves to have the taste of wine in his/her mouth or somewhere greedy for having a sip. This bag is made for all types of wine lovers and it comes with a pouring spout and a huge space that can store two bottles of wine. One can carry this while traveling or hanging out with friends or family. In addition, the best thing is you can use this bag for putting your regular routine articles like a cell phone, notebook, laptop, keys, or anything you like. It has a hidden zippered compartment to hold wine. Therefore, we can save yourself from spending money on the separate purchase of wine for everyone and prevent your friends from getting dehydrated!

Shot Glass Roulette

While playing this game, you will get nothing but a glass of wine! No matter which number you get, each number corresponds with a shot glass. Therefore, you win or lose, it’s completely a fun game for everyone. It comes with 16 shot glasses and one roulette wheel. Start your party with this shot glass roulette and fill your boring parties or get together with enthusiasm. This game set is featured with a portable spinner and a game board of 12 inches in diameter which makes it accessible home accessory.

Cork-Backed Coasters

Are you tired of those who always pass comments while you are having a glass of wine? Make everyone to shut their mouth with this pack of impactful & thoughtful coasters. The pack of coasters comes with the recyclable material of the inner chipboard and is easy to clean with soapy water. Attached with waterproof top film, these quality coasters let you enjoy your precious drinking time. They are 3.75 inches from all four sides and make your perfect drinking partner.

Dual Tank Double Beverage Dispenser

What can be more satisfying than getting a double beverage dispenser for an alcohol lover? This dual tank is all that a beer lover would like to have to quench his/her thirst. So, from next time when you went for any bear bash don’t forget to carry this dispenser tank with you!

This double tank dispenser comes with shoulder straps making it portable to carry on the go. Whether you are traveling or hanging out at some club or with any friend, this is the best way to enjoy a beer without any need for serving.

Three-in-one Flask Tower

This flask tower is printed with tenses in a sarcastic way. The printed words say, “drink, drank, drunk”. There are three flasks with three tense forms printed over it Each flask can hold 3 ounces of drink.

So, from next time, when you step out of your house, you really don’t need to worry about spending pennies on buying a new drink. With this 3-in-1 flask, enjoy your long journey while drinking or sharing with your friends.

Hasbro Pour Taste Game

This game is all about spinning the board and adding taste to your glass. The spinner is printed with different choices and the moment you get caught, mix the ingredients and drink the crazy blend you just created. The best part is it doesn’t come with a choice of ingredients.

You are free to choose your ingredients, be it beer, wine, vodka, juice, sauce, syrup or anything you like to have in your or your friend’s cup. The first player who collects the 4 chips wins the game. It comes with 6 cups, cup mat, spinner, 20 chips and an instructional manual for guidance to play. Have a blast while you drink the mix of different drinks and turn your room into laughter!

Casual Tee Tops for Women

Thread Tank Drinks Well with Others Women's Relaxed V-Neck T-Shirt Tee Heather Grey Small

Hang out with friends and spend holidays while wearing this funny casual tee top. If the lady in your life loves to have a glass of wine or beer every single day, this top is perfect for them. What could be more comfortable for any girl or lady to have a funky, stylish, and comfortable and cut-sleeves tee top that speaks one’s personality?

If you are planning a day- or night-outs and a visit to pubs/clubs then this is the best option. The top is printed with a sarcastic quote which stands out. The fabric is not pure cotton but a blend of polyester providing you soft and cozy touch.

Adult Colouring Book

Wine lovers always remain emerged into their own taste and see the world as any politicized issue. Whether its bath time, fun time or a night out, without having a glass full of their favorite drink, their day is not over yet! Add some comic to your party or celebration and let the wine lovers enjoy their day. Their love for wine never fades away even in hard situations. So, support them, be with them and give them their own space with this coloring book that is full of drawing outlines resembling the activities going around the glass of wine!

Ceramic Coffee Mug with Funny Quotes

This ceramic coffee mug is elegantly designed and wrapped with dye sublimation. It comes with a big handle to provide you a better grip for holding your cup of favorable drink. It is quoted with sarcastic words on both sides making you start your day with a smile and full enthusiasm. The best thing about this cup is its beautifully written funny quote that doesn’t fade away with its washing in the dishwasher and also fits for microwave use.

Footwear For Women Alcohol Drinkers

Gifts for Women Alcohol Drinker Sneakers Bartender Bar Mixologist Running Shoes (US 06 (EU37))

These shoes are printed with colorful alcoholic bottles make a perfect gift for anyone whether alcoholic lovers or not. It comes with lightweight and breathable material to provide you comfort while using. Enjoy your funky look with these stylish sneakers at bar, pub or club and make your outfit as appealing as your personality!

Warm Socks with a Hilarious quote

Show the warmth of your love with a touch of sarcastic thought with this bright-colored pair of socks. This adorable pair of socks comes with cupcake packaging making it presentable for any occasion or event. The extra soft touch of material used is highly pleasurable. Featured with anti-slip material, this pair of socks will serve at its best to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

Etched Wine Glass

Though the wine glass is the best gift for wine lovers, this one is embedded with funny lines that come in the form of ‘prescriptions’. It says, “prescription: take several sips by mouth and repeat until empty”. Give your humorous touch with this crystal clear wine glass. This wine glass is delivered inside a beautifully wrapped gift box to make your celebration a special moment for all.

Beer Soap

It is said that those who love beer are simple and possess low maintenance life. They love to have a meaningful life. And for women, their love for beer is like love for oneself. If you know anyone who is as simple as any child and needs nothing but a glass of beer, then this beer soap is the best gift for them. The herbal and grassy ingredients give the scent to the beer soap. Make your loved ones to have a bath, shampoo or shave with this amazing scented soap and give them the reason to recollect the unforgettable memories with you!

Funny Alcoholic Mug

You must have seen people drinking tea or coffee in a mug. But have you ever seen someone drinking alcohol from a mug? This could be the most sarcastic way to gift someone a useful thing with a funny touch!No matter, you consider this as a coffee mug or alcoholic one, but make the best gift for those who want to present their lovable ones something different. This ceramic mug is is made of high-quality ink that will never fade away while washing. Therefore, it is microwave safe as well as suitable for dishwashers

Cocktail Napkins

Whatever be your reason to have a glass of drink, show your sarcastic side to people who often hassle you with their irrelevant words. Make your drinking time enjoyable with these cocktail napkins. Show them the barrier to interfere between you and your favorite drink. These napkins are of different varieties with 5 × 5 inches and extra thickness. They come in a passable plastic box making it suitable for gifting purposes.

Pickle Wine Stopper

Have some fun with your friend and turn his/her drink time into a sarcastic one. The food-safe silicone wine stopper lets you save your wine for later use. Molded with hilarious shape, this pickle wine stopper has all features that a normal stopper may have but it has something extra to show you, i.e., the remembrance of you & your loved ones humorous & entertaining moments spent together.

Suction Cupholder

Keep your glass of drink safe while spending quality time in your bathtub. Suction cup holders are usually ideal for glazed tile, mirror or glass. Made with high-quality material, strong and strengthening components, this suction cup holder allows you holding anything you want. It can withstand wine bottles, glass, cans, mugs, and plastic bottles. The strength for holding your glass or plastic utensils varies from product to product and the type of surface. They are recyclable, strong, and portable for traveling purposes and dishwasher safe.

Wine Necklace

Quan Jewelry Champagne Wine Pendat Necklace, Gifts for Oenophile Wine Lovers, Coffee Lovers Graduation, Sarcastic Funny Gifts, Oenophilia Sparkling Wine Coffee Lovers, 100% Handmade

This wine necklace comes attached with a funny inspirational card all made for wine lovers. The card comes inside a brown envelope and possesses holes to hold the necklace just like any jewelry box does. The stainless steel chain of the necklace has three pendants made in the shape of the glass, wine bottle and a wine opener- everything that a wine lover would actually love to have. It is an unique gift for girls, women, mothers or girlfriends as the necklace is crafted with elegance.