20 Best Gifts For Tech Loving Kids

20 Best Gifts For Tech Loving Kids

Christmas is on the way and it’s time to exchanges gifts with your loved ones. It is quite a difficult task to think regarding gifts for children and especially for techie children. So, here are some of the best gifts for tech loving kids.

Math game and puzzle

math game puzzle

If you are looking for some techy gifts which are useful for both boys and girls then go for the STEM system which is based on augmentation. It is the best learning system that has stories and math games. This game is suitable for kids who are above 5 and is in the form of the gamepad. This game also comes with instructions that would help children to learn by themselves. It will help children to learn different skills like audio, video, logical thinking, comprehension abilities and much more. It has story-based maths activities that will help to learn arithmetic operations like addition and subtraction. 

Kids waterproof camera

kids waterproof camera

The digital camera is the best gift for kids this Christmas. It is made with environment-friendly material which is safe to be used by kids. It has a CMOS image sensor that has 1080P videos along with a 5MP photo image. This has many other features such as zooming, brightness adjustment, volume adjustment and face recognition. The Kid,s waterproof camera has a strong and durable waterproof case which means kids can click pictures while swimming, skating or even biking. It comes with a lithium battery that can be recharged and also has 1.5 hours of recording. It will help your kids to develop an interest in photography which would also be useful in the future.

LEGO Minecraft

lego minecraft

Techy kids would love to use LEGO Minecraft where they can build an igloo with miniatures, polar bear and stray figures. This is one of the best gifts when you are looking out to bring out the creativity of kids and is suitable for kids who are above 8 years. It is the common which will give joy to both girls and boys to build their polar igloo. It has nearly 278 pieces inside the gift which can be used to build the best igloo. The hidden creativity of the kid can be judged based on Minecraft.

Wooden Solar kit

wooden solar kit

Toys that can help kids to develop their ability is best and so the wooden solar kit is the best gift which helps kids to go for science projects. This kit consists of robotics, puzzles and even craft which will help kids to build their solar-powered car. This solar kit consists of different parts that would be useful to build a solar car and it does not require any screws or any such thing which are harmful to kids. Tools can be assembled by your kid’s creativity and thus you can see the young inventor in your child. If you are also thinking of any such techy gifts for kids this Christmas it is the best option.

Remote control cars

remote control cars

Remote control cars are always the first choice for kids as can keep them engaged for hours and also the batteries are rechargeable. These cars can respond to your actions and thus you can operate it easily. The set of bumper cars is best to race and comes with high-quality material which can give it a long life. You can also conduct a car tournament during parties and thus make everything memorable. Techy kids would love to use these cars as they can learn to race and also understand its different parts.

DIY Music kit Box

DIY music kit box

Wooden puzzle with rotating woodcraft kit is best for techy kids. This gift comes with various parts where kids need to work and make the bellman dance on music. It is a robotic shaped gift that requires kids to assemble different parts. Thus, kids can create their music box which also has moving gears and thus would develop the creativity of kids. It has wooden pieces that are shaped with the help of a laser and is a great choice for kids who are above 10.

LEGO Ninjago movie temple building kit

temple building kit

Give an option where kids can build a temple of weapon with their LEGO Ninjago building kit. These building kit would have secret entrance along with escape route, library, hanging cage, etc. It is based on the LEGO Ninjago movie and thus helps to develop the creativity of kids. It has a total of 1403 pieces that plays its part to build your temple with Minifigures and other decoration stuff.

Programmable mechanical robot

programmable mechanical robot

The mechanical coding robot is the best for techy kids who are above 10. This robot would help kids to learn about various mechanical concepts and basics of coding. This robot can throw, kick, draw and much more with the coding buttons. You are inspiring your kids and helping them to build and code robots with the help of mechanical principles. Kids would learn new things by watching how robotics move and thus make changes accordingly.

SmartLab Electronic smart House

smartlab electronic smart house

Give an option where kids can build a smart house that has lights, sound and also motion. Kids will use their creativity and brain to build this electronic house that has a garage, television, fireplace, insulators, elevator and much more. It has a total of 62 pieces that would make it easy to build the house that would develop problem-solving skills, thinking and also architectural skills. It would help kids to inspire engineering and architecture at a very small age.

Falling marble logic game

falling marble game

Kids’ brains and thinking power can be developed by gifting them techy and logic games. One such is Gravity maze marble game that would develop critical and panning skills among kids. This game has clear instructions that would help kids to follow manual and thus make it easy to play the game. It has 60 different challenges which would help kids to learn new things as they move on and thus transform them to be an expert. This is the best gift on Christmas for boys and girls who are above 8.

Multi voice changer

multi voice changer

This multi-voice changer comes with 10 voice modifiers along with a voice synthesizer. This would allow kids to experiment with sound and try out something new and by changing frequency and amplitude. They can create different sounds with mixing frequency and is best for kids and even adults. This would develop the imagination power of your kid while having fun. It also has flashing LED lights and is safe for children.

Smart sports centre

smart sports center

You can encourage kids for sports with the help of this toddler basketball. It has an LED light scoreboard that would encourage animation and sound that makes the game very interesting. It has nearly 50 in-built songs that would make gaming enjoyable for kids. This game will help them to learn regarding shapes and numbers while playing. It includes both basketball hoops along with a soccer ball. This finds its use for kicking. It runs on batteries and is safe for small kids to learn and play both at the same time.

Drill and learn toolbox

drill and learn toolbox

This friendly drill and learn toolbox come with drill, hammer, nails and screw. It has an electronic tray along with holes that can be used to drill with the help of screws and thus you are helping your children to learn motor skills. To make the game more enjoyable it has sound and lights that would help to learn about different tools and how it can be used. It would help kids to pretend as they are repairing things and also will help them to learn about colors and numbers.

Building blocks for skill development

building blocks for skill development

People use to exchange gifts on Christmas but when it is about gifting to kids the task becomes quite difficult. One gift which can help to develop skills and creativity with sensor toys at a younger age is interlocking building blocks. The blocks can be stuck together and help kids to build something new and innovative. The bristle shape blocks can keep kids entertain for hours and also bring out their hidden creativity. It has 126 pieces that come in various sizes and colors to keep kids engaged and is also portable. These blocks are BPA free and help to improve memory and concentration.

Wireless interactive Robot

gits for tech loving kids

The new humanoid robot will make your little munchkin very happy to play with it. These wireless robots come with 3 control modes that can make it quite enjoyable to use the robot. These robots can sing and dance which makes it enjoyable to play with it. The robot changes color on different actions and comes with a volume controller. It can easily be recharged and is best for this Christmas to make kids happy. This interactive robot is for girls and boys who are 3 or above.

STEM IQ builder

gits for tech loving kids

Gifts that can develop skills and give a bright future for kids must be preferred on this Christmas. One such gift is an IQ builder that emphasis STEM learning for different subjects such as science, technology, engineering and maths. It would help to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills among kids at a young age. Such gifts are recommended even by education professionals also as kids can develop the brain while playing. It has different instructional books which can be helpful for beginners and also an expert to learn about building. Safety is a must for kids and so these building blocks are made with kid’s friendly things.

Smartwatch for kids

gits for tech loving kids

Smartwatch with a camera and the touch screen is best for kids between 3-12 years. This watch comes with an alarm, timer, stopwatch, calendar, calculator and much more. This is the best gift for kids as it will help them to learn new things along with educational games. The colorful touch screen comes with a battery that can exist for 120 hours. It also has a pedometer that would help to count steps and check out calories burnt in a month. This watch will also allow for recording and singing songs along with panda. The panda would play with the kid and keep them entertained as it gives different actions on touching parts.

Activity cube

gits for tech loving kids

This activity cube comes with different features like songs, sounds, phrases and even melodies that will keep kids entertained for hours. It would help your little munchkin to explore different activities and also learn about colors, numbers, animals and even music. This is the best Christmas gift for the kids as they would learn while playing. It is quite easy to twist the spinner and check out for animal motor skills, nursery rhymes and much more. It has 4 color shaped blocks that would help kids to stay engaged for hours.

Excavator construction toys

gits for tech loving kids

Techy kids always love to play with things that force them to perform some actions and one such gift is town truck and tracked excavator. These construction vehicles will build their imagination skills and also help them learn about construction. This gaming kit consists of 2 vehicles, 2 workers and helmets, shovel and much more which are used for construction in reality. It would encourage kids to develop imaginative power and also building skills. This simple toy is very useful for kids as they love to play with it for hours and also learning new things.

Game cabinet machine

gits for tech loving kids

Today toys would not only help kids to have fun but also build different skills. The mini gaming arcade is one of it that would help to play different games and is equipped with pictures, sound and much more. It has 200 games that consist of sports, puzzles, shooting, etc which can keep them engaged for hours. It also comes with buttons and joystick so that kids can play according to their comfort.

These are some gifts that would prove very helpful or kids to learn new things and develop useful skills. It is easy for anyone to get such gifts for kids this Christmas and thus bring a smile on their faces.