20 Best Gifts For Your Movie Buff Friend


Know someone who is a diehard fan of cinema? Don’t just gift them a cinema gift card, there are lots of things out there to broaden the smile of your movie buff friend. The classiest of all gift items for the cinephiles are literature on movies, something great to complete their movie love collection or a gift set of classic movies.

We have curated a list of 20 thoughtful gift ideas for the movie buff friend of yours. Hope you get an idea to buy something cool for the silver screen fanatics.

  1. Theatre style popcorn set:

For a movie buff, nothing is more desirable than a tub full of creamy delicious and perfectly cooked popcorn. Gift them the popcorn set that comes with 3 real theater popping kits along with secret buttery salt and the popping oil that help to make the perfect theatre style popcorn. To imitate the theatrical movie watching experience at home, the set comes with 4 authentic popcorn tubs as well. Get this wonderful gift to satisfy the popcorn cravings of a movie buff you know by paying around $41.

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  1. Movie poster framed:

Star Wars Movie Poster Framed (Black)

Frames that contain prints of the classic movies are a wonderful décor item. Movie posters are no doubt, the greatest of all gift ideas for movie lovers. Buy them a full-size movie poster that is framed beautifully in a satin-finished wood frame. The perfect artworks for the cinephiles are simply sophisticated. The frames are available in a large number of prints of classic movies. The frames cost around $60 and available with a wide variety of options for the color of the frame.

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  1. Ticket stub diary:

Classy Hardcover Ticket Stub Diary Ticket Book, Deco Sticker and notepads are included, Ticket Organizer Ticket Keepsake book Scrapbooking Scrapbook Photo Album, Wire Bound, 10"x7.5"x1.1" (Burgundy)

A ticket keepsake book is one of the most budget-friendly gifts for movie lovers. The diaries are designed to preserve the memories of their favorite movies. The diary comes with ticket shaped notepad sets, to help movie lovers organizing their cinematic memories just like we do with a scrapbook. In addition to this, this attractive looking stub diary has “Ticket Book” written on it that is embellished with gold foil stamping to add to the looks. You need to pay around $40 for this beautiful little scrapbook for a movie buff.

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  1. Limited edition DVD collections by Alfred Hitchcock:

The silver screen fanatics who admire the master of suspense movies Alfred Hitchcock would love to accept this limited edition gift box. Classic movies like Psycho, Read Window and Vertigo are included in this essentials collection. The set comes with DVD that has both English and French language voiceovers with Spanish and French subtitles. The amazingly priced collection of suspense movies can be yours at $40 in the Blu Ray quality.

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  1. Full HD LED projector:

Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector - 1080p HD LED DLP Rechargeable Pico Projector - 80" Display, Built-in Speaker - HDMI, USB and Micro SD - Compatible with iPhone iPad, Android Phones & Devices

A gift of movie night is great for movie lovers but why gift them just one night to have the cinematic experience, when you can gift them a full HD LED projector to make every night a movie night. A compact and powerful projector that is equipped with advanced quality optical engine boosts the video quality. The best part about the projector is its compatibility with iPhone, IPad, and Android devices. The lifelike details on this LED projector can be enjoyed by paying around $195.

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  1. Movie lover’s cookbook:

If you know a movie buff that is fond of cooking, then don’t waste your time anymore and grab this “Eat what you watch” cookbook. The author recreates the iconic food scenes from 40 cult films, such as the dancing dinner rolls of Charlie Chaplin or the deli from When Harry Met Sally. No gift can beat this perfect cookbook for movie fans that is priced around $20.

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  1. Cinemaps:

An atlas designed for silver screen fanatics, Cinemaps can surely be the most treasured gift ever. The atlas has beautifully hand-painted maps from 35 great movies of all times. With the help of cartographic details, the atlas depicts routes of major characters in classic movies. The cinema’s atlas is available in both kindle and hardcover variants. The price band for both these gifts ranges between $20 and $25.

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  1. Streaming media player:

Yet another cool gift idea for your movie buff friend. This media player set comprises of a voice remote, remote finder, high-quality headphones, and a USB. It delivers 4K and HDR quality output and works best to stream the favorite services like Netflix, Prime Video and more. Let your friends catch the hit movies with the ultimate streaming media player that works on dual-band wireless connectively and decently priced around $99.99.

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  1. Movies you must see before you die:

Books are undoubtedly the greatest gift and the must have book for all movie buffs is this ultimate guide to movie history. The book covered the period of movies from more than a century and all these films are selected by globally recognized critics. Help your movie lover friend find the most worth watching 1001 films in the most exciting way as the book features still photos from the films. To make the book more interesting the authors have added vital stats about the movies and also gave some lesser known facts about 1001 best movies. The book is priced around $33 for hardcover.

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  1. Vintage style movie reel rack for wine bottles:

TWINE Vintage Style, Fun, Unique Movie Reel Wine Bottle Rack by Truefabrications

Only a movie buff knows how good it feels to have everything around that reminds them of the art, story, and emotions of cinema. This wine rack is specially designed to let your movie buff friends jog their memory and remember a bar scene from their favorite movie. The rack is made from sturdy material and has a vintage look to it. The great décor piece can hold up to 4 wine bottles and price around $115. k

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  1. Wireless sub

High-end home theatres are not a waste of money for movie buffs. Help your movie lover friend enhance the cinematic experience at home by gifting this wonderful acoustic treatment. The sub woofer has wireless connectivity to Playbar, Plabase, Beam and more. Powered with the latest technology, the device adds dramatic bass to the sound. The slim subwoofer can slide under the couch to offer deep sound without anyone knowing about it. Priced around $700 it is surely the best buy to create the ultimate home theatre.

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  1. Phone screen magnifier:

Streaming movies on a smaller screen does injustice to creativity. Cinephiles simply love making the screen size bigger and that’s why screen magnifiers are so popular these days. The unique magnifier is a great gift for movie lovers who keep streaming on their smartphones. Enjoy up to 2x magnification and hands-free entertainment with this attractive magnifier that is adorned with retro style TV look. Great for travel, this handy phone stands cum magnifier is available at a price of $35.

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  1. Popcorn seasoning gift set:

Premium | POPCORN SEASONING Variety 4 Pack | Cinnamon Sugar | Parmesan Rosemary | Nacho Cheese | BBQ | 3.5 fl oz. | SIX popcorn bags INCLUDED

Watching a movie and downing a tub of popcorns is like a religious thing for cinephiles. Help them make their popcorns more flavorful with this popcorn seasoning gift set that allows trying exciting flavors like cinnamon sugar, parmesan rosary, nacho cheese, and barbeque. The lip-smacking seasonings are prepared from 15 years old recipes and have some unique spice blends.one can avail this hard to find seasonings with popcorn bags in this gift set by paying around $28.

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  1. Pela studio artwork:

Celebrate this mix of current trends and classic style is in this artwork that is worth buying for a movie buff you know. The art print depicts the era of silver screen when tickets were sold for only $1. The artwork is mounted on a sturdy board and ready to hang on the walls. The durable and lightweight artwork is easily available in multiple designs online. You have to spend around $70 for a canvas of 24X30” in size.

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  1. Framed film cell:

Elvis Presley Limited Edition Framed Film Cell Dbl + CERTIFICATE by DGM

Instead of gifting a movie subscription card, try something new. Let your movie buff friend adore their love for cinema with these beautiful limited edition framed film cell. The piece of history is housed in a quality frame and embellished with an acrylic front to enhance the display quality. The cells are available in a wide variety of designs for the fans of Elvis Presley, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, Elvira Mistress and more. The limited-edition cell of Elvis Presley is priced around $245.

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  1. Movie Clapper board necklace:

Beautiful Sterling silver 925 sterling Sterling Silver Enameled Movie Clapper Board w/Lobster Clasp Charm

Yet another unique and thoughtful gift idea for a cinephile you adore. Gift her this wonderfully designed sterling silver necklace that has an enameled movie clapper board pendant. The gorgeous piece comes with a finish which is just adorable and also exhibits its fancy rhodium plating, classy and edgy look and smooth finish. You can order this special piece of art by paying around $43.

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  1. Hallmark movie hoodie:

I Just Wanna Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies All Day T Shirt - Hoodie (XXXL, Black)

Grab the officially licensed hoodie that reads “I just wanna watch Hallmark Christmas movies all day”. A cool gift for movie buffs, this comfy hoodie looks flattering on both men and women. Gift it on Christmas or any special occasion to your friend who simply loves clean movies with a happy ending like they do in Hallmark movies. Pouch pockets add more to the comfort levels of this great clothing item that comes with a price of $44

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  1. Scratch off cinematic bucket list poster:

The scratch-off poster has a design specifically for movie lovers looking for a reason to watch cult films. The poster has carefully selected 300 movies that one needs to scratch off to complete the bucket list. Rather than spending hours to look for movie inspirations on streaming websites, try this scratch off the bucket list with a movie aficionado. The cool gift is made from dense laminated paper and metalized layer to showcase some good quality manufacturing. Besides, the poster is priced at around $40.

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  1. Director chair seat:

KingCamp Tall Director Chair Bar Height Steel Frame Collapsible with Side Table Cup Holder Side Storage Bag Footrest, Folding Portable, Supports 300 lbs

To express your feelings towards a movie buff gift them a director chair. The room décor of a movie aficionado won’t be complete without a director chair in it. Gifting the power seat is the most thoughtful idea ever. This heavy-duty chair will surely last for long. There is a retractable side table to the chair so that cinephiles can fulfill the fantasy of organizing the cigar and microphones just like directors in real life do. To get this attractive multipurpose director chair seat you need to spend around $100.


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  1. Movie lover’s shower curtain:

Ambesonne Movies Shower Curtain, Directors Chair Seat Movie Lover Film Set Studios Strip Ribbon Storyboard, Cloth Fabric Bathroom Decor Set with Hooks, 70" Long, Aubergine Brown

No doubt a movie buff imitates rehearsing the dialogues from their favorite movie in the shower. Gift him/her the ultimate gift of a shower curtain that is exclusively for movie lovers. If you don’t have a budget to spend on fancy gifts then this vibrant shower curtain would be the most recommended economical solution. The waterproof shower curtain has film set like prints that include clapper board, movie reels, microphone, and a director’s chair.

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Movie buffs want to hold onto the cinematic experience wherever they go. So this makes finding the right gift even more challenging. Get a hint from this carefully curated gifts list for movie fans. The list suits every budget and each gift will surely hold special value for silver screen fans.