20 Best Halloween Couple Costumes

20 Best Halloween Couple Costumes

Dressing up has never been so relaxed for duos and with a limited sum of choices, dressing for Halloween turns out to be a headache job and no Halloween would be whole without the picture-perfect costume and decorations. From get-togethers to dusks spending trick-or-treating about the neighbourhood, Halloween is everyone’s favourite. It takes a duet to tug off endearing and at the same time ghostly. Already mentioned that there are very few characters or costumes that you can choose to become an adorable couple on Halloween. So, don’t fret as we have come up with some of the best costumes that can complement each other. Here are some of the cute Halloween costumes this season for you and your love.

Pizza Slice and Beer Bottle Couple’s Halloween Costume

Pizza Slice and Beer Bottle Couple's Halloween Costume | Funny Food

It’s not the delivery, it’s just you! Say your friends that you will get the pizza and dishearten them when youturn out to the party in a Pizza costume. This Boo! Inc. get-up is the cheesiest, crunchiestportion of golden brown pizza out there, featuring pepperoni and red onion along with jalapeño and Sriracha sauce for that extra kick of flavour. The other costume would be a beer bottle that resembles the same. This pair would be a duo made in heaven and everyone would love the costumes.  

Fun World Peanut Butter and Jelly Set

FunWorld Peanut Butter And Jelly Set, Tan/Purple, One Size

Peanut butter and jelly would be favourite to many people around the world. The perfect combination for the perfect taste that would make people sway for more. So why not just dress up in this costume to show the love of peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Get this costume which comes in pair, for the price of one. Where you can get one foam tunic that is shaped like peanut butter on bread printed and the other one with jelly on bread printed on the front. This would be available in all the sizes, so any person can sue it. On the other hand, this costume is so comfortable that you wouldn’t want to remove it. This Halloween, this costume is the best to dress-up as it makes you not only cute but also unique.

Fun World King and Queen of Hearts Costumes

Fun World Men's OneSize Dark King & Queen of Hearts, Multi, OneSize

Impress everyone at the party this Halloween with a cool as well as unique couple costume! Dress up in the Adult King and Queen of Hearts Costume that features red, white, black, and yellow skeleton King and Queen of Hearts tunics. You can try to wear a long sleeve black shirt with a matching pair of pants to finish the look. Also, you can accessorize with the similarly themed hats and black gloves. The skeleton on the cards instead of the real king and queen gives the costumes the perfect Halloween feel. So, the king and queen of the deck have escaped and joined the party.

Caveman Cave woman Adult Couples Costume Halloween

Maxim Party Supplies Men's Caveman Adult Costume Halloween (Men)

We may have seen the cavemen in the movies or the museums or might have read about them in the books. Caveman and cavewoman are people who have an ancient history. So, bring them back to the modern era with this costume. Ask your other half to dress up as the caveman or cavewoman and you can be the significant other. This is the perfect spooky yet cool costume that you can choose for the Halloween. Welcome back the stone age!

Vampire Cosplay Suit Sets

BlueSpace Halloweeen Costumes for Men and Women Vampire Cosplay Suit Set for Couples Pretend Play Dress Up Clothes for Adults Party Night

How can a Halloween party be complete without the spooky costume? Once in your whole life for Halloween one has to get spooky and enjoy others getting scares because of you which is just too much fun. The costumes come with a gown with a skeleton on it and the veil to make you a dead scary bride while the men’s costume would include the suit in a similar scary structure. You would definitely love scaring people as this costume set brings a robust sense of scary but amusing feeling of Halloween dress up cosplay party occasions with this costume.

Leopard Cosplay Suit Sets

BlueSpace Halloween Costumes for Men and Women Vampire Cosplay Suit Set for Couples Pretend Play Dress Up Clothes for Adults Party Night

If you have been bored of getting dress up as a caveman or the cavewoman, you can try this old age costume but with a little twist. This costume comes with the striped pattern that is done to resemble the leopard. This leopard costume includes both men’s and women’s dresses and the Women’s costume set comes with a leopard printed camisole and dress while on the other hand, the men’s costume set comes with a jumpsuit with rope. This costume finds its use, not only for Halloween but also for the other costume parties and the dress up events. roll up into this costume and jump into the wild!

Plug & Socket Adult Costume

Plug and Socket Set Costume Set - One Size - Chest Size 48-52

This costume is unique yet a funny one that you can choose this Halloween. This costume comes with a black and grey socket dress and white plug dress that comes with a cord. These costumes comes with lightweight tough fabric over a foam which would be even comfortable for you when you want to hit the dance floors. The socket costume is a black tunic with grey sockets on the front. Wear this funny costume to the party and see everyone astonished around you.

 Fun World Tacky Traveler Adult Costume

Fun World Women's Tacky Traveler, Multi, Standard

This traveler costume will completely change your entire look and can make you a completely different person that your friend and family will not even recognize you. This costume comprises of a one-piece jumpsuit along with a shirt top with the words which say ‘Which way to the Buffet’ printed on the front and blue Bermuda style shorts with a wire hoop waist. Just include some accessories and sunglasses and fly off to Hawaii. Oh sorry! We meant the Halloween party.

Dinosaur Plush One-Piece Animal Cosplay Costume

Aoibox Unisex Adult Plush Onesies One Piece Animal Cosplay Costume Pajamas

We have read a lot about dinosaurs in the books and also saw many movies like Jurassic Park and we have been fascinated by them and at a certain point frightened of them. This makes the perfect costumes or the Halloween party as it will give chills to the other person. These adorable and eye-catching costumes will not only work as a Halloween costume but also will help you keep cosy and warm during those cold winter months.

Beauty and The Beast Costume

Beauty and The Beast Costume X-Large Couple Kit

Disney has always been our favourite since childhood. The magical world of Disney and the best is very fascinating as well as magical. Be a prince and princess of your own this Halloween and be the best in your kingdom. This costume comes with a Belle’s yellow satin gown for the princess and the beat costume comes with a purple jacket with gold trim, a white neck scarf, and plush fur hood. So,lighten up your dream of loving like a prince and princess this Halloween

Oreo Cookie Couples Costume

Faerynicethings Adult Size Oreo Cookie Couples Costume - 2 in 1 Package - Foodie Snacks

Do you have any idea on what is better than an Oreo cookie? This yummy costume is a great idea for a couple ‘s costume! For the one who loves Oreos and they want to show the love for Oreos that you have to others, then this is the perfect costume for you. This costume comes with tunics so, just add the costumes upon to the jeans and t-shirt of your own. Just make sure no one eats you.


Suicide Squad Joker and Harley Quinn Couples Costume

Rubie's Women's Suicide Squad Deluxe Harley Quinn Costume

The power couple of the DC universe. They are the most loved bad couple and Harley Quinn has been getting more popular than ever after all the Hollywood stars started sporting the look for their Halloween parties. TheJoker Costume includes a jacket that comes with a shirt and Harley Quinn’s Costume includes a jacket that has an attached top, a pair of shorts, a belt, and fishnet tights. These costumes are cute and cool and as the Joke and Harley Quinn complement each other, you too will be just as perfect as the power couple when you sport this costume.

 Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann Couple Costumes

Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann Plus Size Couples Costumes

Another costume that can completely change your look. This Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy costume have finds its inspiration from the soft toys. That we use to play with, in our childhoods. They are funny yet lovable. So why not dress up as the doll character this Halloween trying something unique. The Raggedy Ann costume includes a dress, apron, bloomers, socks, wig and hat. While the Raggedy Andy costume comes with a jumpsuit with shirt, bow, socks, hat and wig. People at the party will compliment about the unique idea of dressing that you choose. As many might not even come up with the idea of dressing up as dolls.

Dead Deceased Corpse Couple Costume

Ladies and Mens Couples Corpse Ghost Zombie Bride & Groom Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes Outfits (Ladies UK 28-30 & Mens Large) Black

People who love spooky, scary and thrilling stuff may love this costume. This dead corpse costume looks just as scary as it might sound and is a perfect costume that will give chills to the people on the Halloween night. The Ladies Corpse Bride outfit comes with a Long dress, Choker & Headband with a veil. While the Men’s Corpse Groom outfit includes a Jacket with a shirt and tie insert, Hat, Cummerbund & Trousers. Just put on some makeup that complements the dress and you are good to go and scare the people around.

Pirate Buccaneer couple’s Costume:

Nicky Bigs Novelties Couples Pirate Buccaneer Jacket with Shirt Costume Accessory Standard Halloween

Pirates are not only meant to loot the other ships, but they are some pirates that save us from the bad people too. Be the pirate of that kind that use this costume to transform into one. This costume includes a men’s style pirate jacket with an attached printed shirt. The women’s pirate jacket comes with an attached printed shirt which both come in standard sizing. Hail captain Jack Sparrow!

80s Rocker Halloween Costumes Wig

80s Rocker Halloween Costumes Wig - 2 Heavy Metal Couples Wigs For Men and Women

Halloween couples’ costumes should be just as easy as they are amusing. We love classic pop songs. If you do, then this wig is just perfect for you. This 80s heavy metal rock star wigs for men and women are designed for a perfect fit. And have a great inner area that gives you better comfort. Couple costume dress-up has never been so fun!

The Incredible couple costumes

Adult Mrs. Incredible Costume - M

The other superhero costumes apart from the marvel and the DC universe that we love. This adorable costume is meant for the family but can be used for the couple too. This costume comes with a jumpsuit for both the men and the woman and is also given an eyepatch to complete the look.

Egyptian style couple costumes

Forum Novelties Men's Adult Egyptian Pharaoh Costume, Black/Gold, XL

Egyptian history is one of the best and elegant histories in the history of the world. The queen of the Egypt Cleopatra needs no introduction. This Halloween try the Egyptian styles costumes if you love the culture and the dresses. The Queen’s outfit Includes Jewel-Belted Dress, Jewelled Collar, Cape, Beaded Headpiece & Two Jewelled Wrist Cuffs while the king’s outfit includes a pharaoh costum

Buddy, The Elf and Jovi Couples Costume

Buddy The Elf (Plus) and Jovi Couples Costume Bundle Set

If you and your partner share Buddy’s kinship for the Elf Culture, then this is the perfect couples costume for you which is cute enough for getting all the eyes upon you. Buddy the Elf costume comprises of a plus-sized green fleece jacket with gold accents and white faux-fur trim while Jovi costume includes plush pink dress with white faux fur trim. The dress also includes certain accessories to finish the look.

Bob Ross Artist Couples Costume

Bob Ross Artist Couples Costume Bundle Set

The best is always saved for the last. This costume will make you and your partner a picture-perfect couple and this costume is definitely unique and a never seen and worn costume.  The Ladies costume comprises of a costume dress and the Men’s costume includes wig, beard accessory, palette prop with a paintbrush.