20 Funny Christmas Gifts for Teenage Boys

20 Funny Christmas Gifts for Teenage Boys

No one can describe the teenage mood swings. They can be on top of the world in the morning and as the day progresses their raging hormones make them depressed for no reason. In such cases, it becomes difficult for the parents to find a great Christmas gift.

Teenagers experience anger so often and the best coping mechanism is to gift them something hilarious. On this Christmas, before your teenage boy start rolling his eyes, get him a funny gift. We have curated a list of 20 awesome gift ideas to add a LOL factor in their otherwise anguish life.

Funny “Teenager for Sale” Doormat

A useful gift that will get you the biggest laugh from a teen boy. The funny doormat reads “teenager for sale, comes with phone, dirty laundry and attitude.” All about the life of a teen summed up on a doormat. This would be a great gift for the bedroom door. The decorative mat is durable, easy to clean and definitely a worthy product due to the funny print on it. Put this non woven fabric mat on your Christmas shopping list. You can easily find it online and it costs around $25.

Decision Maker Paperweight

An ideal Christmas gift for the confused teens. The fun and entertaining paperweight is actually a decision maker for all those indecisive moments that teens face while procrastinating for their due assignments. They need to give a spin to the paperweight and let it decide what should be done. After receiving this funny yet thoughtful Christmas gift the teen guy will definitely laugh with you. Get the stylish silver colored decision maker paperweight online by paying around $20.

Remote Controlled Fake Cockroach

Teens should not be in a hurry to become a responsible person. Don’t let them miss out the real fun of doing pranks with cockroaches. Gift them something funny that encourage their teen mischief. A fake giant cockroach that is controlled by a high performing infrared remote. The spooky Christmas gift would surely be a great addition to the teen mischief kit of your son. The battery powered giant roaches look so real and can be found easily online.

Funny Math Shower Curtain

Forget about everything else and get this super cool and funny illustration of smart monster doing math. The math solving print definitely attracts the nerdy teens. If you have one geek in your family then get him the fun and decorative shower curtain this Christmas. The refreshing color combination and surprising design are some ideal combinations to make it a great gift for teen boys. Priced around $30 the shower curtain is available online in three sizes.

Funny Sleeves Fell Off Tank

AmStaf Designs I Flexed and The Sleeves Fell Off Funny Tank

A funny graphic tank for a kidult whose humor mode is always turned on. The tank reads a funny line that is a great conversation starter and of course the funniest Christmas gift. One soft, comfy and long lasting cotton tee is what everyone gets as a Christmas present. You need to think a little different to bring out that gag. Go for the “I flexed and the sleeves fell off” tank for your growing teen and thank us later. The high quality combed cotton t-shirt comes for $20.

Public Toilet Survival Kit

One of the most hilarious gifts for teens who often face cleanliness issues in public toilets. The survival kit comes in a tin box with a print of ugly public toilet on top. Inside the tin, you will get one toilet seat cover along with antiseptic wipes and disposable gloves for the cleanliness freak. Help your teenagers be prepared for the most gross and challenging situations with the funny but thoughtful gift that is available at a price of $40.

Funny Bob Ross Socks

OoohYeah Men's Bob Ross Noverlty Funny Socks

An ideal gift for teens having endless collection of funny Bob Ross memes. A pack of bold and bright Bob Ross socks that will definitely add a unique punch in this Christmas season. The socks have trendiest Bob Ross patterns on it that are best accessories to modernize the teen wardrobes. Besides, the vibrant, colorful and high quality Bob Ross socks would definitely exceed the expectations of your teen son, so get them right now by paying around $30.

Low Social Energy Graphic Tee

LookHUMAN Social Energy Low 2X Athletic Gray Men's Cotton Tee

A giggly gift for introvert teenagers who don’t want to mingle with friends and families, especially during the festivities. The funny t-shirt reads low battery sign for social energy which will bring out the humor whenever your teen guy will cancel the plans to go out. The comfy and hilarious gift idea can cost you around $18.

Joke Tin of Anti Swearing Mints

Boxer Joke Tin of Anti Swearing Mints Novelty Funny Naughty Gag by TGO

Ever noticed the amount of foul language that teenagers use these days? This Christmas help them to prevent the swear words with a smart mint gift. Get them a funny mint tin with a mission to easily make their foul mouths super clean. The sugar free anti swearing mints are available in a quirky mint tin that cost around $33.

Engraved Cereal Killer Spoon

A perfect gift for cereal lover teen who likes to devour the box full of cheerios. The durable stainless steel spoon comes with laser engraved inscription that reads “cereal killer”. The magnificent gift can double up the giggles this festive season if you are lucky enough to find a cereal killer bowl as well. The spoon comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty and it is made of high quality steel from Italy. You can avail the awesome gift for a hilarious Christmas festivity by paying around $13.

Stay Weird Pillow Case

Trivenee Tex Pillowcase Embroidered Funny Inspirational Quote Throw Pillow Cover Decorative Pillowcase for Couch Sofa Gift for Graduation Teen Boys Girls Christmas (Stay Wierd(Navy), 12"X20")

An embroidered pillow case would be a great addition to your teen’s room. And if the pillow case reads the universal truth about teens’ attitude i.e. “stay weird” then it would be the best ice breaker this Christmas. It’s difficult to deal with a moody teenager, so rather than risk taking activities get them this funny pillow case to realize that sometimes how weird they act. The size, color and embroidered saying of this pillow case are simply perfect at a price of $15.

Do Not Want To Do Notepad

To do or not to do, that’s the biggest question for most of the procrastinating teens. Help them stay focused by gifting this notepad that will remind them what they do not want to do but have to. Funny but useful gift idea for teen boys who can’t complete tasks on time and simply prefer hanging around like sloths. To giggle your teen son with this “do not want to do” oversized notepad you need to spend around $15 for this Christmas gift.

Nose Flute

Teens who love making noises from the nose will absolutely get giggly upon receiving this funny Christmas gift. Let them take their thrill of making annoying nasal sounds to the next level. Gift them a nose flute that is fun to play and the best thing to annoy everyone who came over to enjoy the holidays. Christmas is the time of fun and joy and let the festivity manifold for your mischievous teenager by ordering the high quality nose flute. The flute is very easy to play and comes with professional quality wide pitch range.

Funny Geek Science Bacon T-shirt

Bacon Elements Graphic Novelty Sarcastic Funny T Shirt XL Charcoal

The graphic t-shirt is ideal gift for teens who love science and bacon equally. The t-shirt has Barium, Cobalt and Nitrogen elements printed on it that altogether read bacon. A gift that will make science lover all happy and giggly. If your nerdy teenager happen to have a love for bacons then get him the comfy t-shirt as a funky Christmas gift by paying around $17.

Funny Bandages Set

What’s funnier than Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare covering your wound? The set comes with two tins that feature a pack of Edgar Allen Poe bandages along with a pack of Shakespeare bandages. The quirky gift set comes with actual bandages with funny Shakespearean insults. After using the bandages your teen son will never stop laughing. The hilarious bandages have some giggly insults printed on them, like “Do thou amend my face, and I’ll amend my life”. Each of the tin comes with 15 adhesive bandages and there is free prize inside the box, so order the funny Christmas gift for your teen boy right now.

Nose Pencil Sharpener

Pencil sharpener is probably the most useful gift item for teenagers. To add a fun element to the gift, get a sharpener in a funny shape of human nose. The noses have so much to say and gifting a pencil sharpener in nose shape would be a great conversation starter for your teen boy in his class. Let him reveal his fun and quirky insight among his classmates by getting this fine quality nose pencil sharpener that is priced around $250. The nose pencil sharpener comes with a pack of sticky notes, so definitely it’s an excellent choice for gifting occasions.

The Ultimate Insult Generator

You can get this for your teenage son, but it’s guaranteed that you cannot just stop reading the hilarious zingers and stingers mentioned in this ultimate insult generator. Featuring over 60 million insults, the book is a huge Christmas gift because of its author Mire Barfield. The book works best to enjoy an entertaining talk during the holidays. Buy your teen this hilarious insult generator that is easily available online for $12.

LED Skeleton Gloves

Yet another gift to celebrate the teen mischief. Don’t let them miss out the fun of making their hand look like skeleton in the dark. The color changing gloves also work great as Halloween costumes. Designed with easy control functions the gloves are made from anti static electricity material and feature safety design. Further, the 12 colored 13 mode LED skeleton gloves are great for the dancing moments and light up shows that play a major role in the life of kidults. Get these unique gloves online by paying $14.

Shocking Potato

Designed with three game modes, extreme, normal and lame, the amazing gift idea will take the game hot potato to the next level. It is a great gift idea to make the holiday season fun filled for teen boys who simply love to play pranks on people. Teenagers love this 2 players’ electrifying shocking potato game that can be played in multiple rounds for endless entertainment. Available at a price of $30, the shocking potato is the ultimate Christmas gift that teens will share with everyone.

The Dude Gift Pack With Bookmark

A gift pack with a funny twist is all that you need to manifold the joyous Christmas celebrations. The gift set comes with entertaining and useful gift items like the fake swears book, motion playing card deck, and more. The dude pack is ideal Christmas gift idea for teens who are in rush to become adults. The gift set can be ordered with a personalized message that will be printed on a keepsake bookmark. Available with a decent price tag of $60 the great assortment of funny gifts should be your ultimate pick for a teen boy.

It’s important to raise the teens right so that they can become responsible adults. But make sure that they don’t miss out the fun of becoming an irresponsible teenager.  When teen boys are dealing with the ups and downs of adolescence. It will help them a lot to have a gag with this funny Christmas gifts list.