20 funny Halloween gifts for teenage boys

20 funny Halloween gifts for teenage boys

Gifts are the way to portrait a sweet gesture. They are presented with joy to not only express love but also to pray for one’s happy life ahead. A gift can be considered as the reflection of one’s personality. Picking a suitable gift can be difficult for some people unless they know the choice of another person. But there are certain things which when presented as a gift will always make your loved ones to remember you in his or her thoughts. And that category falls under ‘funny gifts’. Such presents not only make your friend smile but provide you a strong comedian appearance in your friend’s group. To help you in making others laugh, here we present 20 funny gifts for teenage boys:

Funny T-shirt

Sarcastic Comment Loading Please Wait Funny Sarcasm Humor for Men Women T-Shirt-(Adult,L) Black

This t-shirt is all made for fun loving people. It is purely made of 100% USA-grown cotton that is soft on touch and highly comfortable. It’s perfect for those who always keep thinking of some sarcastic comments to make others laugh. The best thing about this t-shirt is that it is made with quality ink that won’t fade away while washing. Make people laugh when you pass by their side. Be the reason for someone’s laugh and enjoy the moment!

USB Squirming Tentacle 

USB Squirming Tentacle

At teenage, the love of boys for technological gadgets frequently grows-up. They start playing video games, using computers or laptops or sometimes becomes ‘an engineer’ while fixing the broken things. This USB squirming tentacle resembles like a USB which stores data. But actually, it is not. The moment you attach this with your computer or laptop, the long tentacle will start squirming. It will jiggle like an octopus leg but it doesn’t store any data, instead it uses your laptop’s battery to show movements. It fits for office going persons and for those who often spend their time while working or playing on laptops or computers.

Crop Dusting Champion Mints

Crop Dusting Champion Mints - Gifts for Friends Weird Stocking Stuffers for Teens Novelty Gifts Peppermint Mints - Funny Dad Gifts White Elephant Ideas Secret Santa Father's Day

Turn your celebrations into laughter with this peppermint tablet box. The box comes in a hilarious presentation. In every gang and family, there is an air-polluter who blame others for such deadly smell. Just for fun, gift this peppermint box to your friend and reveal the secret. 

Fake Roaches

Have you ever seen your teen going wild while seeing a cockroach or lizard-like insects? If yes, then this is perfect for you. Within the emotions of celebration and good thoughts, blend some crazy and funny moments into your friend’s or family’s life. You can wrap these cockroaches in a gift box. Enjoy the moment when your teen suddenly shouts while looking at these roaches. Be it an adult or youngster; in every family there a member who always becomes crazy while seeing insects. Fool your close ones and don’t forget to click their screaming faces!

LED Light Flashing Mouth Teeth Guard

Dcolor 4 Color LED Light Flashing Mouth Teeth Guard Piece Gadget Filler Party Glow Gift

People have their own fears in life. Some feel afraid of the dark and some feel scary when their friend or siblings make some haunting voices. If your friend or any sibling is one of those who becomes crazy when the lights goes off or do some madness in dim light then this is exactly made for them. Don’t just gift this to your close one, wear this and become wild. The only thing you need to do is to fit this into your mouth and push the on/off button to glow lights. This mouth guard is fitted with multi-color lights that glow brightly in dark. The material is made of silicone and is harmless to your gums.With this unique article, turn your night party into Halloween!

Chin Beard

Mustaches Fake Beard, Self Adhesive, Novelty, Small Philosopher False Facial Hair, Costume Accessory for Kids, Brown Color

Some boys love to be masculine in their personality. To enhance their masculine characters, they use cosmetics and sometimes ask for suggestions. While being in teenage, boys often compare themselves with others for having small size beard or facial hair. If your friend falls in that category, then gift him with this synthetically prepared chin beard. This may appear funny but if he really likes it, he can use it. Apart from a joke, if you think your friend will like this then don’t forget to buy a spirit gum to make this usable.

Hot Toothpick

Hot Cinnamon Toothpicks (Flat Shape) 100ct

Toothpicks are the best friends of those who love to have clean teeth all the time. Even after eating a meal, they start removing the debris from the gaps between their teeth. Just mingle this hot pick into their routine toothpick pack or offer this one to your friend and see him turning hot red. At first, he might not get what is going wrong with this, but as soon as he starts chewing this it becomes hotter.

Shocking Pen

Are you one of those who often let others to borrow your stationery items but doesn’t get it back? If you are tired of being asked for a pen then make a spare of these shocking pens. It comes with a battery and instructions to use. Though it appears like a pen, it gives only minute electric shock. It doesn’t go for writing purposes as it is not filled with any ink but perfectly fits into your pranks.

Funny Handmade Woven Hat

Winter Hats Knit Caps Ears Warm Earflap Handmade Fashion Unique Stylish Windproof Men Women Kids

This hat is knitted in a funny way to cover the complete face and head. It comes with a beard that is detachable so one can enjoy having this thick and warm hat at any place. While using the hat there is a soft feel as it is made with acrylic fabric. It is washable, eco-friendly and possesses no chemical smell. The best part is that it covers ears, head and mouth so perfectly that is enough to protect oneself from cold winds in winter.

The Mug With A Hoop

The Mug With A Hoop

If your child is obsessed with playing games with eatables then you should try this one. It makes eating and drinking fun. The mug comes with a basketball net. The whole material is made of ceramics and is suitable for hand wash only. Gift this beautifully designed ceramic mug to your child and see how eagerly he comes to you to finish his meal. With this mug, turn your mealtime into a fun-loving moment.

Breath Mints

Having a loving and caring friend with bad breath is such a curse. If can’t tell him directly because you care for him and don’t want him to get hurt then secretly put this box into his bag, or just gift him as a present for Christmas with a silly memorable note. The box is presented in a funky way which is actually filled with sweet wintergreen mints. This makes a perfect gift for kids, teen, adults or friends to have fun with.

Gnarly Teeth

Sometimes we got stuck in a situation when we have no words to defend ourselves from some relative’s or boss’s questions. It’s time to pay back to all those sassy people who often disturb you with their irrelevant thoughts or words. Imagine yourself wearing these gnarly teeth set and the person talking to you can’t pull-off his eyes from your awkward looking teeth!

Lightning Reaction Reloaded Shocking Game

This game is usually played between 2 to 4 players where each player holds the shock handle. Once you start the game, you need to press the button in the center. This will turn the red light after which music will be played. As soon as the red light turns green, one of the players will press the button to provide an electric shock to another one. It’s a fun game that will let you know how sharp and clever your friend is. To add more fun into the game, you can change the level of electric shock.

Farting Poop Emoji Pen

Farting Poop Emoji Pen - Makes 7 Funny Fart Sounds - the Funniest Farting Friend Ever - Cute Talking Toy for Kids, Tweens and Teen Parties - Hilarious Back To School Toy - Carry in Backpack

Imagine yourself secretly putting this pen in the back of your friend and the big pooooop sound comes out while he sits on the bench! This pen is surely not for writing. The emoji attached on the head makes different sounds when pressed. This is one of the most hilarious gifts that will definitely add laughter to the party.

Prank Pack Pet Sweep

If you know a dog lover then that person will definitely accept this as the real gift. The box comes with a print of four dust boots to pick the dust, insects, etc. from the floor while walking. But in actually no such thing exists! You can easily fool your friend when he will open the box and will see a real gift inside. The box comes empty and looks awkward from outside with the pictures and words it bears.

Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

It is a unique gift to turn your friend’s or family members’ ordinary trip to the bathroom into a laugh. This toilet paper spindle comes with 6 seconds of a voice recorder. You can store your funny message into this. As soon as the spindle is touched to use the toilet paper, it plays the voice. The spindle senses the movement and automatically plays the sound on being touched or moved.

Spray N Prank Stink Mist

This spray smells so bad that it will let anyone leave your path. It smells like rotten cheese.

It’s one of the amazing gifts especially when you want to take the revenge from the one who spoiled your day. But don’t forget to step-back while spraying this!

Toilet Putting Mat Golf Game

leeploop Potty Putter Toilet Putting Mat Golf Game for Bathroom - Funny Toy Training Accessory for Men Women and Kids - Perfect Mini Golf Novelty Gag Gift Set, Green

This golf mat comes in a size that can be played while sitting in a position like one sits on the toilet seat. This is why it is ‘toilet mat’. It is funny but enough entertaining to change the mood. It fits for all ages- kids, teens and even adults. Instead of the bathroom area, this game can be played while being sitting in a balcony, living room or in a garden area. The game is easy to use and comes with a green mat, cup with flag, two golf balls and a toy putter.

LED Word Clock

It feels good to receive clock or watches as a gift because it suits your décor or enhances personality. But what if one receives a word clock?Jumble your friend’s mind by gifting this uncommon word clock. The clock bold the words to show the time like if it is 10:20 then it will show twenty minutes past ten with bright light. This could be a fun way to teach your friend the basics of learning time in terms of text. The best part is that it fits perfectly with office and home décor.

Grow The Heck Up- Gift For Him

This book comes with the illustration of basic things that matter a lot in life. Many a time, we forget to perform a task or sometimes it is not taught in a proper way. This book, though printed with sarcastic thoughts, seems to be knowledgeable for all ages. It provides description for basic tasks to perform with ease, for example, how to tie a tie, how to create a resume etc. With this sarcastic cum knowledgeable gift show your caring side to your friend and let him know how valuable these things are.