20 luxurious gift basket for women

20 luxurious gift basket for women

There is no need for any occasion to gift the woman who is playing an important part in your life. Be it your mother, wife, sister or daughter everyone is special to you and so make them happy by gifting different stuff. There are special days when you are required to show your love and care which is possible by such gifts. Not only this if you have a female friend admire her by gifting stuff which can bring a smile to their face. So, below are some of the best things which you can gift to women and make them happy.

Strawberry body shop

Strawberry bag consists of shower gel, body butter and hand cream which is a perfect gift for any lady. Strawberry scent is loved by all and so gifting such strawberry gift basket is the best choice for making them feel special. The key ingredients are infused oil from strawberry seeds which feel very good and also give a sweet smell. This gift can make their day and occasion memorable.

Bath Bombs

If you are looking for some useful gifts for your lady go for bath bombs. These handmade soaps contain dead sea salt, shea butter, Vitamin E and essential oil which can make skin glow. High-quality bath bombs are made with organic ingredients that will not have any side effects and rejuvenate your skin. The large bomb size soaps can long last and thus you can heal your skin and make you look refreshed.

Argan oil shampoo and conditioner

Mostly girls have problems with their hair and so to get them rid of it go for the set which contains hair care treatment. This set has shampoo, condition and also oil where the main ingredient is Moroccan argan oil. The other essential natural ingredient along with argan oil can increase elasticity and can give a new shine to your hair. One who is having thin air will find it as the perfect solution as it promotes hair growth and strengthens them from roots. This gift set for hair is suitable for all and everyone can give new life to their hair.

Gourmet gift basket

It is truly believed that girls like chocolates and so to make them feel more special go for chocolate baskets. The handmade chocolates come in different flavours and also looks very impressive. These assorted chocolates are the best of any special day and are very yummy. The chocolates are beautifully wrapped and looks very impressive.

Shea butter hand cream

If thinking to buy any luxury present for mother, sister, wife or friend go for shea butter hand cream which is manufactured in France. This hand crema consists of 20% shea butter along with essential oil which can nourish your hands and make it soft. It comes in three different scents like cherry almond, wild fig and inter flower that will give the best fragrance and also moisturize your skin. This cream is quickly absorbed by your hand’s skin and is an essential part of the beauty kit.

Nivea pamper gift set

Giving away a luxurious gift basket to any woman can make them happy and so Nivea has introduced a special gift set that has body lotion, crème, body wash and lip care. Thus it is the perfect gift to provide come pelt skincare for a woman. The body lotion is best for winter as it deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin. This cream is best for dry skin and can be used for knees, feet, elbows and even hand. The silk mousse body wash can give the silky and creamy feel to your skin and can give you a luxurious bathing experience. 

Floral scented rose petals bath soap

Girls of any age like a gift that are innovative and make them feel special. So, go for rose soaps which looks very attractive and is best for all. It has ingredients that can easily be dissolved and gives delicate texture. It can clean bacteria off your hands and make them soft. Plants oils are good as they can balance your mind and body and so going for such a gift basket can make women feel special.

Scented rose candles

Unique gifts are always loved and appreciated by everyone and especially women, so for them, aromatherapy candles are best. These candles do not have any chemicals and are a perfect blend of oil and fragrance. These candles can give the feel of a luxurious bath even at their home and works as an antidepressant. To have fragrant bubbles just place 3-4 petals in warm water and thus enjoy your bath. It can change the complete atmosphere and make you feel relaxed and stress-free.

Rose sap gift set

Rose Spa Gift Set, Gifts for Her, Relaxation Spa Kit, Aromatherapy Gift Basket, Spa gift set for her Birthday Gift Basket for Women, Mom, Friend

Women are working 24*7 and do not get time to get relaxed. SO, for them gifting relaxation spa kit can allow having a spa even at home. The handmade Rose Blossom gift set comes with natural stuff that will not only rejuvenate your skin but also make you relaxed. It is one of the best ways to show your gratitude and love to the lady who is very important in your life. This relaxation spa kit comes with balm, soap, clay bath salt and other stuff which are best for relaxation.

Bath spa gift set

If you are looking for something unique and innovative go for a luxurious bath spa gift set that has body lotion, bath bombs, scrub glove, eye mask and organza bag. This soothing gift set comes with all-natural and energetic things that can give soothing experience during bath. Massage glove helps to remove dull skin and thus promotes blood circulation. The eye mask can relieve from all stress and it is best to deal with headaches. The body lotion in the gift set is enriched with essential oils and vitamin E to give soft skin and also flower fragrance.

Funny Socks for wine lovers

Xpeciall Gift Wine Socks"If You Can Read This Bring Me Some Wine" Funny Novelty Luxury Socks - Wine Lovers Gifts for Women Under 25 Dollars (Gray)

Gift baskets are not only meant for skincare or gourmets but you can also give something different like Gift wine socks. The socks have a funny statement “If You Can Read This Bring Me Some Wine” which can enlighten the mood. These socks are not just for fun but are very beautiful and keep your feet warm. The bottom of socks has an anti-skid function and is safe for everyone. These are best to gift any women on any special occasion.

Organic pregnancy gift set

For a mom-to-be, the gift must also be useful in her new phase of life. So, go for a 3rd-trimester organic gift set which has nipple and belly cream, relaxation aids along with the bag. These things are made with all-natural and organic ingredients that are safe for pregnant women. This gift set can calm her body and mind while going through the last days of her pregnancy. Pampering pregnant women by giving away such gifts can make them happy.

Shower bouquet

Loofah Bath Sponge Swirl Set XL 75g by Shower Bouquet: Extra Large Mesh Pouf (4 Pack Color Swirls) Luffa Loofa Loufa Puff Scrubber - Big Full Lather Cleanse, Exfoliate with Beauty Bathing Accessories

The four-pack puff scrubber is best to enhance your skin while bathing. These shower bouquets can create full lather which exfoliates your skin and is one of the must accessories to have a new bathing experience. It can form lather and can cleanse your skin while using soap or body wash. The shower bouquet comes with spa colors which are suitable for all members of the family. It comes with long handles to make it easy to use.

Dried Fruit Gift basket

Holiday Nut and Dried Fruit Gift Basket, Healthy Gourmet Snack Christmas Food Box, Great for Birthday, Sympathy, Family Parties & Movie Night or as a Corporate Tray - Oh! Nuts 

The dried fruit gift basket is best to admire the woman. Now you can replace simple chocolates or other gourmets with such a dried fruit gift basket. These nuts are very healthy for you and also are very tasty. It has nearly 12 different assorted dried fruits and nuts which are suitable for everyone. It has unique flavors like papaya bites, apple rings, dried summer plums and much more. The dried fruit gift basket is an innovate way to be thankful for your mother or wife.

Greenwich Bay soaps

Holiday Nut and Dried Fruit Gift Basket, Healthy Gourmet Snack Christmas Food Box, Great for Birthday, Sympathy, Family Parties & Movie Night or as a Corporate Tray - Oh! Nuts 

The gift basket is in trend now and is one of the best ways to show your love and care to all the women in your life. One such gift is Greenwich trading soaps which are made with natural ingredients and have 6 different fragrances. These scents include fresh milk, lavender, passionflower, lemon verbena, white tea and pomegranate shea butter. These luxurious soaps are can give new shower experience and is best for every woman and any age. These soaps are free from animal testing and have all-natural ingredients.

Luxurious spa gift basket

Pampering woman is a must for everyone and so on special days’ gift them stuff which can make them relaxed and one such is a spa gift basket. This lavender and chamomile gift basket can work on any skin and can rejuvenate it. The things in the gift basket are made with natural ingredients and have infused vitamin and shea butter that can nourish your skin. This is an ideal gift where anyone can enjoy a spa even at their home with their won kit and thus get relaxed from their routine work. It has shampoo, shower gel, bath bombs and many other such items which can make them calm.

Chic special gift basket

Milky Chic Special Women's Birthday Gift Box Basket for Mom, Wife, Sister, Friend, Pack of 8 Fun Unique Gifts For Her

Looking for a unique gift for your lady luck go for the milky chic gift basket. This gift is full of surprise and can impress anyone with stuff such as donuts bath bombs, sugar scrub, makeup bag, lip balm, sleek mask and bath salt soak. This stuff is to give extra care to your skin with all-natural ingredients and make your skin moisturized. Thee unique gifts are best for teens and adults as it will help them to look beautiful and refresh. This stuff also comes with a refreshing scent that makes you smell beautiful.

 Luxurious spa hand cream set

Planning unique gifts for women is a must as it is the only to show your love and care to them. This gift set contains 12 hand lotions which are even feasible even for traveling. Shea butter lotion is absorbed very easily and can moisturize your skin for a long time. These hand cream are to be massaged gently to remove dryness and make your hands look soft. These hand creams can protect your hand and comes with a beautiful smell of blossom, lavender, almond, cherry blossom, vanilla and ocean. The packaging of this gift is also very impressive and can be gifted to any woman.

Virginia gift set

Virginia Gift Box - Lavender Spa Set - All Products Handmade in VA - Relaxing Bath Kit - Perfect Present for Women of All Ages

Handmade stuff is best to enhance your skin as it won’t have any side effects. Virginia gift set is the best gift for any woman and can make you relaxed. Such a gift basket is for the women who are unable to find time to visit the spa as they can relax even at home. The lavender gift set includes shower steamers, bath bombs, moisturizing lotion, cold-press soap and candle. Thus it has all the stuff that can make your day and calm yourself to feel more energetic.

Italian spa and gourmet

La Bella Italian Spa and Gourmet for Her -Women's Birthday, Holiday, or Mother's Day Gift Basket Idea

Today various options can make it very easy to gift women in your life. This La Bella Italian spa and gourmets can make a woman feel special and also a unique way to pamper her. It has coconut scented spa stuff along with goodies which is the best combination to make a woman happy. Such spa stuff can help them to get relaxed while delicious gourmets work as treat to them.

So, just go through all such gifts which are mentioned above to find some of the best things according to the receiver and admire them. These are the way by which you can pamper them and show your love to them. Even if you are unable to show your love for them just go with all such gifts as they would understand your feelings.