20 Unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her

20 Unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her

You might have given a lot of gifts and surprises to your girlfriend. So a new occasion means a new struggle of finding something that you can gift her. Valentine’s Day is the day of love and you might want to gift her something on this special occasion. But the problem arises when you try getting a gift Finding a perfect gift for your even more perfect girl is definitely a huge work and will require a lot of research on what you should give her, wondering if she might like it or if she might already behaving the product similar to the one that you buy. So without any confusion, we provide you with the best unique gifting ideas for your girl that are unique and she will definitely love even if she has one of the similar kind of surprise that you gift her.

Here are the 20 of the best unique gifts that you can give her on the day of love:

Fujifilm Instax 9:

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera - Ice Blue

The cutest camera that you will ever come across. This camera is an instant camera that means, it gives out pictures as soon as you click one. These little packs of cuteness come in various colors like Flamingo pink, ice blue etc and also in various models. She will love this cute camera that also comes with a little mirror kind of thing that is so useful for clicking selfies and might not own one. They come in a variety of bundles depending upon the requirement such as the accessories might differ in the quantity. Recently the minion version of this camera has been released that is shaped just like a minion which is so adorable. This camera is so handy too because it produces instant pictures. Buy and gift this cute camera to your girlfriend and capture all your beautiful and sweet memories now with this adorable camera.

Michael Kors Wrist watch:

Michael Kors Women's Mini Slim Runway Rose Gold-Tone Watch MK3513

A watch would be a perfect gift for your girlfriend if she is a hardcore watch lover and an immense watch collector. There are a lot of girls that love watched and even if they have many, they might not be sufficient for them. In such a case, you might gift a watch without even a further thought.  This Michael Kors watch is in rose gold color which is so beautiful and suits all types of hands and can be worn on any occasion. This watch is water resistant that can resist the water pressure up to 5ATM and short periods of swimming etc. so gift this amazing branded watch from Michael Kors that she will adorn.

Jumbo Teddy bear:

Teddy bears have been our best friend in our childhood, for many girls, it is still their best friend. Gift her with this adorable and giant jumbo teddy bear that is more than her height itself. Standing at a height of 5 feet tall, this teddy will again become your girl’s best friend and she will love it absolutely. The lovable and huggable squishy teddy can be fit anywhere, either in the hallway or in the bedroom. Gift her, this human-sized teddy bear this valentine’s day if she doesn’t have one and she will love it to the core.

Swarovski Bracelet:

Swarovski Emily Bracelet

Swarovski jewelry may be the girl’s best friend after diamonds. If your budget doesn’t grant you for diamonds and you are waiting to pull out the solitaire on the day of the proposal, Swarovski may come to your rescue. This jewelry is precious just like any other jewelry due to their uniqueness and the designs. The bracelet is Rhodium plated and has an over clasp closure. She will definitely appreciate you for such pretty gift.

Love Letters Chocolate Valentine’s Day Gift Basket :

Love Letters Chocolate Valentines Day Gift Basket

Ah, chocolates finally! Chocolates are mandatory on every Valentine’s Day and even if you gift her with some other gift, you need to be giving her a box of chocolates. This gift basket full of chocolates is a sweet paradise if your girl loves chocolates and breathes chocolates. They come with Raspberry Dark Chocolate; Milk Chocolate; Dark Chocolate Almonds and Sea Salt; and Dark Chocolate Cherries and Almonds. Along with these chocolates, they also provide various other goodies like wafers so that you and your girl can o some nonstop binge eating.

Kind Notes Tin Keepsake Gift Box:

KindNotes Tin Keepsake Gift Box with Long Distance Missing You Messages (for Couples) - Inspirational Scripts

If you and your girlfriend are having a long distance relationship or about to have one, then you might have to gift her this Keepsake notes that would remind you to her every single day when you are aware from her. These notes are handwritten and can be customized depending on the requirements and also various themes like love, honesty, career is available. So gift her this valentine’s day and she will cherish this beautiful gift until you come back to her.

Fresh cut flowers:

Just Orchids - Premium Long Stem Purple Dendrobium

If you forgot that the next day is Valentine’s Day and are looking are last minute gifts, then these are the saviors in disguise. There are a lot of flowers that are available in the markets like roses, tulips, orchids etc. instead of giving the same red roses every single time, try out some new flowers and your girl will love them too.

Wisconsin Cheese, Sausage & Crackers:

The combination of cheese, sausage, and crackers is definitely a deadly combination. Gift this combo to your girlfriend and she can’t stop eating these tasty crackers and cheese. So this Valentine’s Day, sit on the couch Open Netflix and chill with these cheese, sausage and crackers combo gift pack.

Rest and Renewal Spa and Gourmet:

Rest and Renewal Spa and Gourmet -Women's Birthday, Holiday, or Mother's Day Gift Basket Idea

A perfect treat for her that can sooth all her senses. This gift is first of all stunning and next, it is filled with a wonderful selection of gifts, spa products, aromatherapy items and gourmet goodies! This lovely gift includes a Soft Plush White Teddy Bear, Satin Eye Mask, Rose Soap Petals, Gourmet Truffle Cookies, Hazelnut Zebra, Frosted Biscotti, English Toffee Biscotti, All Natural Fruit Mix, Yogurt Covered Pretzels, Savoury Snack Mix, Chocolate Pretzels, White Chocolate Amaretto Crème Filled Wafer Cookies, and Gourmet Tea etc.! I can’t imagine any woman who wouldn’t love to receive this amazing gift!

Exquisite Lavender Spa Gift Basket for Her:

Exquisite Lavender Spa Gift Basket for Her

If your girl is too busy or too lazy to visit a spa and get a proper relaxation that she deserves then its time you give her this gift basket. Pamper her with this gift basket that comes with Lavender lotion, Lavender body scrub, Lavender moisturizing body wash gel, Lavender soothing bath salts, Lavender body mist, Lavender body butter, Lavender body soap, Lavender room spray, Lavender room diffuser, Bath loofah, Body massager, Foot roller massager, Lavender rose petal fizzes, Bath pillow etc.

College Care Package:

Today is the Day - College Care Package or Birthday Gift

A great college care product that can be gifted to the special lady. If your girl is in college or is about to enter a college then you can gift this to her. This gift basket comes with beyond bookmarks gift tag, magnetic notepads with a pen, neon ceramic, book light, hand sanitizer, lip balm jar, awesome sticky notes pad, plush daisy bendy pal, brownie for 1 mix and various other products. This gift is definitely going to bring a cute smile on her face.

David’s Cookies:

The sweet treat is favored by some many. If your girl loves cookies, then this is the perfect gift for her. These cookies are made with the finest dough that is freshly baked and sprinkled with a whole lot of Chocó chip cookies. These come in a pack of 12 and have absolutely no preservatives, this pack of cookies is the best gift for any special occasions with your love and she will never get bored of these delicious cookies.

Sandisk MP3 Player:

Perfect for a music loving girl. This mp3 player has a memory of 16GB that can store a lot of songs and also is lightweight. If you love to hear to music when you work out then this can be so portable and convenient as it even clip-on to your clothes and is durable. Can support even Bluetooth wireless technology that lets you to go wireless for during a workout.


This device is basically considered as a library in your hands. You can carry a lot of books in your hands that too in a dive which is as small and portable as a tablet. There are already a lot of preloaded looks in the kindle device. Or buy the books a lot less cheap than the physical books. Carry it anywhere in any situation without a burden in your hands. Gift this to your girl who loves books and reading and she will love it.

And you loved me book:

One of the best sellers that have been written by a renowned writer named Inglath Cooper. The book is very captivating and is so interesting that you might not want to stop reading the book. Your girl will definitely love the book and will appreciate you for such a good buy.

Mermaid Blanket:

AmyHomie Mermaid Tail Blanket, Mermaid Blanket Adult Mermaid Tail Blanket, Crotchet Kids Mermaid Tail Blanket for Girls (Rainbow, Kids)

Help out your girlfriend stay warm and snug with this blanket. This mermaid tail blanket is crocheted by hand, made of eco-friendly and has skin-friendly material; it’s very warm and soft, more graceful and lovely. This blanket is available in various colours and comes in various patterns. Choose the best colour and gist it to her watch her turn into your little mermaid.

Love musical globe:

The best gift that you can give on any occasion. This love musical global is so cute and portable and she will love it so much. Give her, this quirky acknowledgment to a love that she will surely treasure and this snow globe makes a happy splash in any room in your home.

Sequined Magical Reversible pillow:

These cute pillows come in various styles and colors as well as patterns. The sequins are so good that they can be used as a good party purpose. These cushions can be a fun and unique gift idea this valentines that you can gift her. Just brush your hand along the pillow and watch it change its pattern as well as the color.

Jewelry box:

Vlando Lockable Jewelry Box, Two Tray Jewelries Collections Organizer, Girls Gift -Aqua Green

A delight for your girl and other women alike in your life who receive it as a gift. No woman is without jewelry or makeup. This jewelry box is perfect to store all the items in one place without creating any mess and can be kept in one place. This box is compact and comes with a lock to secure all your items.

Sephora Gift Card:

Sephora Gift Card $50

If your girl loves makeup from Sephora, believe us this would be the best present that she can receive on this special occasion. You can just see the pure joy in her eyes after you gift her one of these cards. These cards range from various prices ranges and you can select one of them. Above all, for last minute gift selection you cannot get a gift better than this.